Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010!

Thursday, couldn't have gone fast enough. I don't know what it was but people were just pissing me off. Seemed like every other call I took was an idiot, but Tyler was back so I had someone to talk to. Kelly cleaned the entire apartment herself, thank you so much!, and then the land lords didn't even show up! WTF, they were like "I'm too busy to come by and you are good people so I'm sure it's ok, I'll just sign off on it." Ok I guess but I don't trust landlords so I'm still not expecting much back on my deposit return.
My parents were suppose to be coming to the cities for the weekend, like a late Christmas, but the weather didn't cooperate and they got some crazy ice storm followed by a pretty good snow storm. So the weekend plans went out the window. After work my schedule was open and I have been slacking quite a bit the last couple weeks, damn holidays! They bring out the slacker in me! haha. So I decided to hit the gym and did 10mins on the row machine and then it was time to bust out the Nightmare Before Christmas work out. Damn it was the hardest cardio work out I've done since cyclocross! I couldn't even get through the second set! When I got home we went to Smash Burger, I would recommend that place. Restaurant quality burgers and fries at fast food prices and speed.
Friday morning was spent unpacking most of our stuff and setting the place up a bit. Made my favorite breakfast, bacon and eggs. I was able to make it to the gym again, did the same work out but was able to complete the recommended two sets but man it was a struggle!
Probably not going to be doing much for the New Years Eve extravaganza. I'm guessing I'll probably just hang out and watch a movie. Hope you all have a rippin' time! Don't get into too much trouble!
Keep it really!

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