Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas has arived

My Christmas present came in the mail today, yeah! Well I wont get too excited yet since it's still freezing ass cold out side and I haven't purchased my mountain bike yet. Plus I still have to wrap them up and put them under the tree for another 3 weeks but you know I had to try the shoes on and give the flats a go. I put them on my bike after dinner and did a little spin on the trainer, but that just wasn't enough. So I took the LHT down to the garage and gave it a rip! Damn all the rumors about how amazing these shoes are, they are all true! They are like riding with glue or magnets on your shoes. They grip the pedals like an Indy car's tires grip the road, and everything James Wilson said about pedaling correctly and how little of advantage the clipless pedals add. I didn't even slip a pedal when I was really ripping. Obviously I wasn't able to give them a real go in the 30mins I spent on my bike in the parking garage but I did do some sprints and hopped around a bit. They felt a little different right away but as soon as I thought about the correct pedal stroke that James Wilson talks about it all came back to me. It felt like, well I was riding a bike, haha, I mean like when I use to rip my BMX bike. I never rode clipless pedals until I rode my bike cross country and I actually was against them for the longest time and held my own with out them! I'm really excited to hit the trail and really test out my new gear! Just one more motivating factor to continue training hard through the winter..... Anyways my day went well, it was a day off from training. We had this delicious Parmesan crusted chicken for dinner and just relaxed and watch some TV. It sure has been tough getting my ass up in the morning this week, haha. Well if this discussion about riding flats didn't get you stoked to ride this video sure will! check it out! Framed-Andi Wittman
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