Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another day in the books

Another day in the books.... Work was pretty good but my main man Tyler was out so I didn't have anyone really to talk to, so it was actually pretty boring. Even though it was boring the day went pretty quick. I had an interview for an internal position and have a second interview next Tuesday.
After work I met my buddy James who works for JensonUSA to test ride the Rocky Mountain SXC Slayer. He was so kind as to build one that they had sitting in their warehouse. The bike was pretty cool. Truthfully it felt almost identical to the Giant in handling and the cockpit was the same size, although the RM had kind of small Handle bars. They were only 26 inches so probably going to have to throw some bigger bars on if I choose that bike. Unfortunately riding it didn't really help my decision much, they felt the same and with out really riding them on a trail I'm sure I wouldn't know the difference. I'm looking for an aggressive, responsive and flickable ride so I can rip everything and they both feel like they fit the bill so it might just come down to price.
When I got done screwing around there it was time to get back to business, moving! Kelly was at a bridal shower for one of her friends but she had been moving all day and told me it was time for me to pull my own weight. I met her parents at the apartment and we loaded up a good portion of the stuff in their truck and my car. We did two trips and there isn't much left. The kitchen and bath room stuff needs to be boxed up and then just the big couch and our bed and couple baskets of clothing. Und dann the cleaning begins! It seems like its never ending but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!
Keep it real!

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