Monday, December 6, 2010

progress check

Alright lets see. Started a new work out today, I will admit it is definitely challenging but I enjoy a new challenge. It involves a nice progression, building on the last work out a little bit. I'm feeling pretty strong and hopefully it will pay off in the spring. So far I'm going strong on my no caffeine campaign, one solid week, and I'm feeling good. No head aches and it's getting easier to get up in the morning, although I'm getting up even earlier with my new schedule. Over all I'm feeling pretty good but my hip started to bother me after I went xc skiing. I might have hoped back into the repetitive motion activities a bit too quick. My hip feels fine when I do strength training and feels great after I stretch it so I will have to stick to that for a little bit longer. Still working on improving my nutrition, one meal at a time.
After my work out I picked up the new Decline mag, my favorite, looks like a good one. I'll fill you all in after I've had some time to run through it.
Catch ya later!

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