Friday, December 3, 2010

let it snow!

First thank god it's Friday and I wish you all a great weekend. I know I'm ready to relax a bit. Not sure what the weekend will bring. The new snow is a bit enticing, Kelly begins coaching the Down Hill Ski racing team at Afton Alps. I don't think she has any free passes yet so I wont get my DH skis yet but I may consider getting out the XC skis for a little test run. It's pretty fun but I'm not one of those hard core Minnesota XC skiers. I have traditional skis and I like to just go exploring plus it's a pretty good work out. Speaking of work out after work I went to the Lifetime right by my work to try to avoid the traffic. The work out went well, I felt like I pushed myself pretty hard, it was my last day with that workout. Monday I get my new work out, pretty excited to see what Krista has in store for me! Unfortunately my plan to skip the traffic didn't work but the drive wasn't too bad, just a nice easy slow crawl home.
I did finally get some good news from work. I have been asking for better hours for almost a year now and I finally got them! Starting Monday I will be working 8-430 m-f, yes now I can get my work out in and eat at a normal time and maybe even do something else. Especially in the summer when the suns up longer and I have my new mountain bike!
Take it easy!

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