Saturday, December 4, 2010

shop till you drop!

Well today wasn't my ideal Saturday but it is part of the season. I went shopping with Kelly and her mom. I might have under estimated the intensity of the situation. I was figuring on a couple hours tops. It started out as only going to Fleet Farm and Gander Mountain but quickly added Target, the Dollar Store, and a Christian shop and maybe one or two more, I can't remember. Needless to say it turned into more like 4.5hrs and man I'm tired. I think I actually fell asleep on the drive home. Kelly was a little up set with me towards the end, I think, because I was getting kind of crabby but a man can only take so much of shopping. Unless it involves REI or a bike shop, haha. It wasn't too bad but I'd say my highlight was definitely Pot Belly's. I love there sandwiches. Now we are home just chillin' and I'm trying out Bike James' integrated mobility routine to add some range of motion to my hips and low back and relieve some low back pain. You should check it out! Well remember that all good things come to an end and too much of a good thing is bad!
Catch ya on the flip side!

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