Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas .....

Well only one more day till the most amazing day of the year, next to my birthday that is! haha We have made it to Christmas eve! Congratulations! I hope that you have all been good so you made the nice list and will get everything that you wanted for Christmas! So yesterday was another relatively easy yet boring day at work. I know that I simply work to live and that it is a means to my hobbies and pleasures but there has to be a better job or at least a more fulfilling position out there that I can get. I'm so glad that the weekend is here. After work Kelly and I ordered pizza and hung out for a bit. Kelly had looked up all these places with supposedly bad ass light shows. There were definitely some bad ass houses, some even danced to the lights but there were some serious duds! Like how the heck did they make the list? Over all it was fun, we drove around and looked at lights, listened to Christmas music and chatted. Tonight starts the first round of the Christmas circus, church, dinner with Kelly's grandma and then the main even starts tomorrow at 9am sharp and goes all day! Christmas with Kelly's family, then brunch, probably some pond hockey and hopefully some sledding and then it's time to crank it to 11, the whole family shows up for a big feast. Put your Christmas boots on and strap them up, because the holidays are here! Well off to ring the bell at the Woodbury Rainbow Foods! Stop by if you want!
Looks like it's going to an extra white Christmas so looks like Santa should have some soft landings and the snow man's out for a ride!

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