Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life is short! ride more work less!

So today was a pretty boring day in my life. I woke up went to work, hoping that I would have a meeting or something interesting to break up the monotony, but nope, same shit different day. After work I came home to an empty house and no food. Kelly was off doing some college fair open house thing. So I did some foam roll exercises and stretching and then sat on my bike dreaming of actually getting out and riding. Unfortunately that wont be happening for a few more months. So since this blog is so boring I decided to take the quiz that is the back of every Decline Mag, did I mention it's the best mountain bike magazine out there? Well if not it is. It's the biggest, has the most interesting articles and the most inspiring pictures, but it might not be for everyone. If you are into the flat smooth non-technical trails that we unfortunately find most often around here in the mid west, then it's definitely not for you. It is a magazine about "real" mountain biking. The key word there is MOUNTAIN. To my great dismay here in Minnesota we don't really have them here. We have some pretty cool river bluffs and if you go up north you can get pretty close to a small mountain, so there are some opportunities to really ride some exciting trails. One can also go to the Black Hills or to the UP but if you're going to travel that far you might as well go out to Colorado and really tear it up! Some day, sigh! haha ok enough ranting lets for get about the road racing off road and answer some questions.
1. What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?
- damn I am super tired, and I don't want to go to work
2. What is the last thing you think about before you go to sleep?
- usually riding, or what I'm going to do next day after work
3. Do you ride left or right-foot forward?
- I feel most comfortable with my left foot, but I ride both
4. When you look in the mirror what do you see?
- a damn sexy man
5. Energy drink or coffee?
- well on the day to day definitely coffee, who knows what chemicals are in that energy drink
6. When you enter a crowded room, a theme song begins to play: what song?
- shooting star- bad company
7. Do you check tire pressure with a gauge or by feel?
- well I don't actually own a gauge so by feel, maybe I'll get on the works on presta  for Christmas
8. Who do you suspect has sold their soul to the devil?
- wow tough one, probably the Donald
9. Who invented the mountain bike?
- no clue some amazing hippie or a euro nut, but really who cares just ride one!
10. What motto would you write on your top tube?
- work slow, live fast and ride hard
11. When was the last time you patched a tube?
- Well I patched quite a few on our bike trip, but maybe once last summer, I should more often they are expensive
12. What's the next piece of bike technology that needs to be improved?
- I don't know things seem to be going in the right direction, I'm pretty interested in the new Fox Fit fork and DYAD RT2
13. What is the first random thought that comes to mind?
- Man I'm hungry, haven't ate dinner yet
14. Who has the best shifters?
- Well I can't tell the difference really but SRAM is a bit noisy
15. What is the best thing or experience riding have given you?
- A chance to see the country from coast to coast in a perspective that most people will never experience
16. Five web sites you visit every day?
- Gmail, facebook,,,
17. Who is the funniest person you know?
- personally? probably my buddy Doug but over all probably Dane Cook
18. Who would win in a MTB race of generations, today's talent versus the old school?
- wow, not completely sure, but to be honest it would have to be new school, just like any sport the old school were innovators but they just can't hold a candle to modern technology, training and nutrition
19. What's the strangest item you've purchased on eBay or the Internet?
- hmmm.... can't say I've bought anything weird online
20. Presta or Schrader?
- presta
21. Place you call home?
- Minnesota for now but hopefully in the next year or so I will be making my way to Colorado
22. Place you call hell?
- um easy one... work!
23. Favorite type of riding?
- Fast flowy trails, with a mix of  technical sections, jumps and the majority is down hill
24. Last time you surprised yourself?
- last work out, I pushed myself through the abs at the end when I just wanted to go home because they still hurt from last time
25. Last time someone surprised you?
- tonight, kelly brought me Chinese for dinner, just as I was getting ready to go to subway!
26. Last meal request?
- probably ribs, corn bread, fries, and cole slaw

That's all folks!


  1. This comment was sent to me via email from Noel-
    Hey Chance
    I just read your blog for today and I gotta say that I’m sorry to hear that you are one of the people who believe that “mountain biking” can only be done in the mountains. Hopefully when you do get your bike you will find that it’s pretty fun to ride here in the flat land as well. Til then you should try to ride your bike outside. Some people actually find winter biking enjoyable.

  2. Well I am glad to hear that you are reading my blog, that makes me happy to know that someone is reading them, haha. only one follower and it's kelly. I do definitely enjoy riding my bike now on the trails around my house and borrowing my buddies mtn bikes this last summer and going to Lebanon was a lot of fun. I wasn't trying to say that the riding here isn't fun or even challenging at times but it isn't "mountain biking" in the true definition as I would interpret it or the word would imply. It's kind of a pedal fest, more up then down and pretty flat. I am just way more interested in gravity related riding such as DH, super D, mountain cross, and all mountain enduro racing. as for winter biking i don't have the equipment, or the money to by it to do it enjoyably, and I know that lots of people still commute all year long and they enjoy it, my buddy Ben in st cloud races in the winter, he's kinda nutty., check it out.