Monday, December 13, 2010

Spandex is a privilege not a right! think about it!

So as the title states, spandex is a privilege not a right! think about it! If you have earned the right to wear it please do because it is amazing and every guy at the gym appreciates it but if you haven't earned that right please don't because it is awful! And another thing seriously guys you do not need to grunt so loud that the entire gym can hear you and I mean that! Alright enough with my daily rant.
Other then that my day went pretty well, the drive to work sucks because everyone has to drive like morons for about 3-4 days after a snow fall and my drive took about 20mins longer. My work out was pretty good I've added some extra sets to work my way to the full workout. Still feeling pretty strong. The hip is feeling alright more like an on again off again dull ache that I hope will go away and if it doesn't I guess I might have to break down and go to an orthopedic doctor, we'll see. The drive home wasn't that bad, took the back roads. Unfortunately I gave into temptation and stopped on the way home and got BK. I guess once and awhile isn't that bad.
Take care and have fun diggin' your ass out!

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