Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas week count down begins

4 days till Christmas! First off did any of you stumble into the douche bag convention on 494 obviously there are still some idiots out there that haven't figured out how to drive in the winter after the last 6 snow storms! no comment, just a slow head shake!
Well work went quickly after the slow start. Man I slept like ass last night and it was a slow go trying to wake up!
The work out today went great, no exaggeration. It flew by seemed very easy and I did the full sets and reps. I guess it is about time to get a new work out! Feeling strong. The hip is ok. It isn't like a sharp debilitating pain its more of this occasional dull ache, just enough to let me know its still fucked! I don't know if it's ever going to get better with out some sort of surgery or injection, oh well I'll live with it for now.
I don't know about this Lifetime by my work, it is just weird. It's like a maze to get anywhere with tiny stair cases leading everywhere and just has weird vibe. It's all anorexic old lady's and meat heads, but I'm cool with that I guess. But today I got kicked off of a machine because some group fitness class had it as part of their circuit, not cool with that and seriously what is up with the dude that comes into the gym in jeans, dress shoes and a white t and sits down on the bench and starts with over two plates a side, simply another head shake.....
As I had mentioned the ride home sucked and the evening was cool just hung out with Kelly as she made cookies and just sat around.
Have fun with the commute tomorrow!

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