Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hump day

Will this week ever end? I though this new schedule would make this week fly by but it's not the case. I wake up every day tired as shit and then I have a lot of time after work, which is nice and will be amazing when the sun is up past 5pm. I went to the gym for a little strength training. The work out went really well but let me tell you about the cluster fuck of a parking situation they have a the woodbury lifetime! So I get there about 530pm and didn't get into the locker room until 550pm! That's because it took me almost 20mins to find a parking spot. I was going to park across the street until I saw a big sign stating that all unauthorized cars will be towed at owners expense! Yikes not that desperate to work out. So I was about to leave but I thought I'd give it one more go around the parking lot I see a car backing out but I guess I didn't see the car behind it with it's blinker on so I slid in the spot and really pissed that wanker off! haha They laid on the horn and shined their brights on me and waited till I got out and called me an asshole and told me how big a piece of shit I was and I told them to F off and to take a flying leap because I had been driving around for 20mins, haha. Oh well life goes on, haha.
I have been feeling really Strong lately. I think it is a good combo of a quality work out, good nutrition and stretching and use of the foam roll. Unfortunately my foam roll has seen better days and I want to find a new better quality one but I can't find one in a store, I guess I will have to order one online.
Well take it easy!

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