Thursday, December 23, 2010

thank god it's thursday!

Only 2 days till Christmas! I hope you all are getting exciting.... I don't know, maybe it's just me but Christmas just doesn't seem as exciting. People tell me this happens when you become an adult until you have your own kids. Well that's not happening anytime soon so I will just make the best of it! Merry Christmas, haha. Well it was another pretty slack day at work. We had our monthly team meeting which resulted in a lot of shootin' the breeze. We did have a white elephant gift exchange which was pretty funny and I actually ended up with a sweet air hogs helicopter that actually works. Better be careful with that might put an eye out, haha. Definitely took that home and harassed Kelly and will be taking it to her parents to harass the cat! (diabolical laugh!) After work I went home and ate quickly. It was ice climbing night and Kelly was going to play bingo, she ended up being one number away from a $14,000 jackpot! Oh how sweet that would have been! Ice climbing was pretty solid. It was pretty wet and lines were limited due to the warmer weather but it was still a blast. It was stu, me and beiler. It's always fun when beiler shows up, he likes to push the lines and we found this sweet little roof to play on. Definitely felt the pump in my arms last night..... Last day of work today! I hope it goes quickly. I'm so ready for another long weekend! Ringing the bell tomorrow at the woodbury rainbow foods tomorrow from 9-11am. Stop by and make a donation got to fill that bucket up!
Catch ya later!

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