Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Exodus is complete

Alright the exodus is complete, at least for me. Kelly will have a few odds and ends to pick up, vacuum, wipe down and then do the walk through at 3 with the land lords. Thanks hunny!
So again yesterday Tyler was gone, so I didn't have anyone to talk to. The day went quick since I had to use my last two hours of pto and I got out at 2:30pm. After work I hurried home, hopped in the truck with Kelly and were off to Ashley Furniture to pick up our new couch. It took us two trips to get all three pieces of the enormous sectional.
When we got it back to our new place, Kelly was so excited to get it down stairs to her already proclaimed "Comfy Kelly Cave" or the CKC as it is referred to now. I figured lets just get the big piece down first, well that was a bitch! That big bastard had to be twisted and tried about every which way to get the SOB down the stairs. Finally I thought we had it stuck for good trapped by the ceiling, wall and stairs but with some act of God I was able to slip under the couch and just turn it enough and it made it down. The other two pieces were simple and light and it was all down with only a few minor casualties to the wall.
At about 630 my buddy Dan showed up, he now lives 2 mins away. We went back to the apartment and loaded up the bed and other couch and all the odds and ends in the kitchen and hauled it back. After putting all the pieces into place it was time to crash and check out the CKC. So we grabbed a beer and some pistachios and hit the couch.
What a night!
P.S. We have a sweet bathroom down stairs. It's a little small but it's all cedar walls and ceiling and has this rustic cabin feel with a wood toilet seat, that has a moose carved into it! haha it rocks!

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