Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ticked off Tuesday

Alright I promise to keep this rant session to a minimum, but my therapist said it's good to get it off my chest, haha jk I don't have a therapist but seriously now. This morning the drive was terrible again, I just don't get it the roads are plowed they are clear and there was no accidents on 494 and it still took me 20+ extra mins to get to work, WTF! Ok well work went well and it was suppose to be my day off from the gym but Kelly won some tickets from K102 to see the new Owen Wilson and Reese Witherspoon movie tomorrow so I decided it would be best not to miss a workout so I headed over to the gym right after work and actually found a spot right away in the front row to park. The work out was going great until.... here is my new gym pet peeve! Some d-bag grabbing my equipment/spot when I go to grab some water! The dude didn't even ask, just sniped my shit and turned up his shit rock and ignored me looking at him, but I'm too nice to confront this meat head so I set up a different spot to finish my reps. At least I didn't let it ruin my mojo. The work out was great I even added a couple more sets to a few more work outs, slowly moving to the full work out! Had a great dinner tonight, no more fast food, pork chop and American style seasoned potatoes and a delicious protein shake.
Hope you guys had a great day!

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