Friday, December 17, 2010

nothing is free

Alright the title says it all but I will elaborate on this for everyone. First comes the disclaimer. I am in no way shape or form a workout, nutrition or science expert and this is entirely my opinion based on my years as an athlete working with coaches, trainers and nutrition experts.
So the comment that was made to me the other day, no one will be named here, was that "You are so lucky you have a high metabolism you can just eat what you want." Ok so I am lucky, but then they went on to say " not all of us are that lucky to get good genes." That's what got me thinking. Alright now that comment is placing the blame and allowing them to not except their short comings.
My opinion on this subject, I don't have any science to base this on, is that yes genetics does play some part in this. I would say that about 20% of your metabolism is simply determined on your gender. Men statistically have a higher metabolism then women because they have a lower body fat percentage which should lead to a higher lean mass percentage and thus would lead to a higher metabolism since lean muscle takes more energy to maintain making the body have to burn more calories to sustain the body. Ok so part is gender based. I will give them 5-10% being hereditary just because I can't disprove this.
Some unfortunate people have medical conditions like thyroid problems that do hinder them but those people aside. The other 65-75% of your metabolism is earned. Not by your family or your friend, no by you! And if you sit on your lazy ass and don't do anything but eat junk food, yes you will have a shitty metabolism, but all hope is not lost. For example lets take the biggest loser show. We all know this show, the huge people come to the show.  They are given the tools to succeed and given the motivation of money and miraculously the pounds start shedding! wow holy crap I could do that if I had a nutritionist and a trainer, I bet you could. Oh wait you can!
Anyone can. I discussed the 3 basics of nutrition, follow them. Anyone can join a gym, anyone can pick up a work out magazine, they are all filled with tons of work outs, or you can hire a trainer. They aren't that expensive and there are always incentive to sign up with one. Most decent gyms have some sort of nutritionist that you can talk to, usually about $50 bucks a session and you really will only need 1 or 2. The reason those people on the biggest loser lost weight is because they jump started their metabolism, they didn't sit back and make excuses anymore about why they were so fat! They cut out refined sugars and upped the protein in their diet. Protein takes more energy to break down and digest which ups your metabolism and leads to more lean muscle which also takes more energy to sustain which increases your metabolism.
So back to the moral of this story. I was told I was lucky, they were right I am lucky but just like anything 9 times out of 10 luck is earned. I have earned this metabolism. I am an athlete. I have always been an athlete in some form or another and plan to be one till I die. I work out hard and balance my strength and cardio training. Right now I train 3-4 times a week and as the spring approaches that will go to 5-7 times a week, especially when the roads and trails clear. I eat right. I follow those three main rules I told you. I eat 5-6 times a day. I make sure there is protein with every meal. Even if that means adding protein powder to my cereal. I try to have fruit or veggie with every meal and I gave up soda, caffeine, alcohol and primarily drink tea with no sugar or water (zero calorie beverages) and I'm trying to ween myself from refined sugars and non complex carbs, like white bread and bleached flower.
It is tough. It does take sacrifice and dedication but if you weren't born a man with "amazing" genes then you have to work for it or a teenager and even if you were born a man and have hit the age of 25 you still have to work for it! If there are any of you out there that read this that are still teens enjoy the youth but start living healthy now it will make it easier in the future to prolong your life and athletic careers. All the people over 25 stop and think about your lifestyle and eating habits..... are a few sacrifices really going to hurt you or be that bad? Probably not and you will enjoy the results, I promise you!
So remember nothing comes free it all takes hard work and those that are blessed and don't have to work and choose not to are simply wasting their talent and potential. Working hard is something you should be proud of!
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