Sunday, October 30, 2011

you Dirt Bag!

Oh this last week and weekend just flew by. The week flew by because work was super busy! Not fun but I did have some fun this week. I went for a solid ride with one of the guys I met at Redwing. His name is Tim. It was a good ride and chat. I love meeting new people and making new friends. We went to Battle Creek and just ran through and hit all the cool trails. There is actually a lot of riding to be have. We may have been able to get a little more riding in then we did but we probably wouldn't have learned as much about each other that way. We only rode about 7miles or so but rode pretty much everything I would include if I was able to run an Enduro there.
I snuck in one more ride at Lebanon as well. It was one of my point and shoot training ride. No breaks, no BSin. Just ride to leb rip leb and ride home. I did have on guy ask me if my bike was a DH bike and how I can pedal it around leb. I looked at him for a second, just to collect my thoughts so I didn't insult him and then I enlightened him to the future, haha. I explained to him the difference between a trail bike like mine and a DH bike. Some times I wonder how people can be so far behind the times but I shouldn't have been surprised. He was on a HT 29er, dressed in Lycra.
I took Thursday and Friday off to rest the legs for the Dirt Bag gravel grinder that was coming up on Saturday. I got to the Dirt Bag at about 730am, registration was to start at 8 and of course Ben wasn't there, haha. Brian showed up at about 745am and Ben about 805am, haha. Late like usual! I knew I was out gunned when car after car rolled up with carbon cannondale cross bikes and other bad ass rides. They looked like they meant business, all dressed in there Lycra. I was one of three people in baggies and the only person I saw with flats. No I take that back. Anderson had flats with toe straps. I had to rep the flat pedal nation pretty hard. I got a few weird looks and hand full of people that asked why I wasn't wearing clips and I had to explain it too them, I still don't think they got it. I know that one guy might try it when I explained it, gave him my opinion and then I asked him if he feels he can ride his mtb with out clips and he said no and I go exactly you just proved my point. I told him that you don't have to ride them all the time but I guaranty it will make him a better rider and it will help him with confidence on those tech sections that he can't clean now.
Anyways about the ride I knew that I wasn't going to win this races. Heck I hadn't even rode close to that many miles in one ride this summer. I rode three longer rides in May trying to get ready for the Almanzo and then rode the LHT 3 times since and the longest mtb ride was about 35miles. So I started in the rear and that's right where I finished. I probably could have done a little better if I wanted to but there was no way I was going to finish in the top. The winner did it in 4hrs and 14 mins and I was right around 7 hours. Last year I think I did it just under 6 hours but I finished and had a great time. I met Rudy and his wife Leslie, they are super cool and live in Duluth and Rudy is into MTB, bmx and trials! I can't wait to get up there and ride with him and maybe learn a few things. There weren't any major issues with the ride, no mechanicals and no cramps. I felt like I had a solid ride. It must have just been a little slower pace then last year. I will have to train a little more so I can finish in a little faster time next year. They told me that all the chilli and the swag was gone 1.5 hrs before I got there! F me, haha. Oh well I had a blast!
Sunday was pumpkin carving day, I did two and they are pretty sweet so I will have to put some pictures up after tomorrow.
I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Real MTB

Here you go guys Over Mountain was a success and I hope this means more real MTB in the US/North America! Come on MN/Midwest lets get excited about this!
check it out!,230

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Ok so yeah it has been a couple days. My bad, it's been a bit busier then normal at work. Saturday we went to Redwing for some xc and dh riding. It was my first time riding there and I had a blast! It was as close as I could get to All-Mountain riding around here. You had to earn your turn or hike a bike to get some of the sweet runs. There are big booters, drops, gaps and rocks. There are also a couple cool wood features. I loved it I was sending all the jumps, even the ski jump which is super intimidating at first. It is this jump built at the top of a dh, almost a ravine and you just go flying off this thing probably 20-30 in distance and drop about 15 ft or so! So sweet!  I think I will be making the 45min drive a lot more come next summer! It would also be a really good option for possibly doing an enduro stage race there. Something to consider.
Here are a couple pictures.

In the world of MTB or at least of what I care about and follow.
Final enduro race of the SuperEnduro Series took place last weekend as well. It was called non other then Finalenduro it was located in Italy at the Finale Ligura Bike Resort in Finale, how fitting. It's like it was meant to be or something.
Click here for the final results and some pictures.

Also Trans-Provence posted the highlight real click here for that.
Quick recap, that race was 300km long including 10,000meters of climbing and 15000meters of decent over 7 days with 26 timed special stages.
One major point we should all take note of is the one of the first comments in this video about enduro being the future of MTB racing and I think with MN always being considered progressive in the bike movement that we should try to keep it that way and  be on the sharp end trying to stay at the front of the curve the best we can. I would love to help with this so if anyone knows anyone with connections that might be able to help make this a reality let me know. Also consider this doesn't have to be on established bike trails. A lot of these enduros go to ski areas and tap out new trails through the woods and ski runs and link trails and so forth!
It's Wednesday, keep you head up!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

oh dear...

For me it appears the season is drawing to a close, bitter sweet I would say. I only was able to ride once this week due to other obligations and the sun going down so quickly. I got out and rode yesterday. 13.5miles in about 1hr and 15 mins not too bad on a MTB I would say. Lebanon is in great shape and I'm growing fonder to the foliage on the trail it makes from some crazy drifts around some of the corners.
I did get back in the gym today for the first time in a long time. It felt great. I hope to stick with it and make some solid gains over the winter and cary it right on through next summer.

I'm am going to get to ride tomorrow. I'm going with some buddies to Memorial Park in Red Wing. It will be my first time down there this year so that should be exciting. I hear they have some nice down hill runs! Got love pointing the reign dh style and holding on, she does shine nicely at that but here are some bomb bikes for 2012 that I would love to add to my quiver but unfortunately will not be able to. There are other priorities for my monies 1. Wedding, 2. Honey moon & 3. House!

First bike and my favorite Cannondale Claymore 2 MSRP $3,900:
Second runner up and quite a bit more spendy Trek Slash MSRP $5700:

And the last on the short list but the most expensive is the Cannondale Jekyll Ultimate MSRP $6200:
There are many more out there that are BA but if I had the money that would be my short list! Good luck finding any of these in a bike shop near you, I asked about demos too and most people told me probably not. I guess people here don't want to have fun and think these are too big of a bike but I go to group rides with my 150mm travel reign and hold my own all day and do way sweet stuff then the HT xc riders could dream of so I guess whatever, don't be progressive.
But bike shops if you are reading this there is a growing free ride and all mountain scene here in MN and the Midwest and there will be more demand for this style of bike so don't be so old fashion in your thinking!

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Monday, October 17, 2011


Well let the Midwest winds blow! This weekend was a pretty solid. Nothing extreme just a nice quite weekend. Kelly is getting sick so no camping unfortunately. Friday we celebrated Kelly's mom's birthday with some good old American style Mexican at Acapulco (I think that's what it's called) either way they have good food and great beer specials 40oz beer for 4 bucks!
Saturday was a lot of running around doing a little of this a little of that. We went to the apple orchard and to the dog park. Jerry absolutely loves this place. It's in Burnsville like under 10miles from our place. He can go crazy there since it's fenced in but he listens pretty well and there is a lake for him to swim. That evening we rented a movie, The Adjustment Bureau, it was a pretty good flick and just took it easy. Sunday morning we got up and took Jerry to the dog park again. This time it was way more chill, not as many dogs so it was a lot more walking and throwing the ball on my behalf but still a lot of fun.
After lunch Kelly went to go see the new Footloose movie with her mom and sister. Kelly said it was alright but not better then the original. The only reason I would have wasted my money to see it was to see Julianne Hough shake her ass, glad I didn't go. I went for a ride instead. I rode to Leb rode blue, double black, black, blue out to green and green twice. It was about 15.7miles at that point so I decided I would try to get 30 miles to try and get ready for the Dirt Bag, so I headed south on Johnny Cake Ridge Rd to I don't know something after McAndrew's and then east to county road 3 in Rosemount and then back up to Diffly and on to home. It was just over 30miles and damn was it windy! I was starting to feel it. Doesn't help pushin a 6inch travel 26inch bike with 2.35 tires but I figure it was a good training ride for things to come.
Hope you all had a good weekend!
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Friday, October 14, 2011


Compliments of
The weekend will be here....
But it starts in 8 hours so just hold on!

where is the day going?

Alright where is the day going? I use to get up to the sun rise, now I watch it from my desk at work. This blows. I know some of you really dig the fall and winter, don't get me wrong the weather is great but it really makes it tough for me to do much after work. I know I should get some lights so I can ride at night. It is kind of fun but as the title reads-"self-sponsored" and those lights are not cheap! Like at least $100 bones to get started and currently I don't have that change but next year I will have to buy one as I get more and more into the enthusiast rider level. Currently on my plate for purchasing is another gym membership. I will be joining Golds Gym, probably this weekend or early next week. They have a killer deal going on right now $15 a month and $50 to sign up so can't beat that. I will be going back on my dumbbell combos work out plan, great plan. It will carry me through the next 12 weeks and then I will decide if I want to get the new DB combos, his new kettle ball work out plan for 12 weeks or step it up to the Ultimate MTB work out which is 6 months! We'll see but I would like to take riding just slightly more serious next summer. That doesn't mean more racing or anything like that but I really want to push my abilities to the next level. I hope coming out of the winter with my current skill base and more strength will allow me to make large gains quickly in the year.
On my order list for reading this long and arduous winter is Mind Gym and Mastering Mountain Bike Skills. The first to give me that mental edge to succeed and the second to pick up any new little tips to riding better.
What's on the plate coming up, well the Dirt Bag is! Not sure I'm physically ready for 88miles but what the heck I'm going to leave it on the gravel and see what I can do! I think my longest ride this year was only 55miles on a road bike and 35miles on a MTB which frankly are not 2 in the same, almost polar opposites! IMO I am going to try and get out a couple times on the LHT in the next week or so but the MTB is just so much more attractive and fun! It's so hard to give it a rest! haha.
Oh by the way thank God its Friday! I hope you all have bomb plans for the weekend, I'm going camping and to the apple orchard or at least that is the plan!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wow Check this BS

As I said before I just bought a new car and I'm so glad that I didn't buy a GM now
Click HERE to read the whole article, this is lame. Glad my lady loves me and I ride a bike :) shit she rode hers with me for almost 4000miles! Ladies, please don't be this superficial and guys don't buy GM!

A couple shorties!

No not cute gangsta ladies, short rides! Get your mind out of the gutter, haha. The last couple days have been pretty typical fall riding. Monday I had planned on ripping a good hard lap or so at Lebanon and then eating dinner and heading over to my buddy Franks from some testing of his new back yard pump track but it looked like it might rain and of course it did. I was about half way through my lap and it started to rain pretty good nothing crazy heavy but consistent enough to make me get wet! The trail was killer, minus some wet leaves in the corners that can make some stuff a bit hairy! Unfortunately it didn't let up so I decided to cut my ride short and sweet 7.5miles basically only the outer blue with a couple redue sections just because.
Last night after work, since I brought my bike with me, I decided to hit up Carver Lake. It was my first time there and it was really fun, a lot like the new green section at Leb and Cuyuna. Not really technical but they did have a really fun skinny and a rock garden and sounds like there are more features on the way so keep this trail in mind as it is on the up and up. I did 3 laps about 12 miles and by the third lap I had the flow down pat and really didn't pedal that much. There are some climbs but if you have your kung fu dialed you can pump the shit out of this place and really get moving with minimal pedal strokes. My favorite section is for sure the turn around loop on the second half. It is like a pump track the whole loop is pretty much pump able with a nicely build down hill 180 berm! super fun. I did 2 laps on that section each lap. With it only being 1.5miles from where I work and laps taking under 30mins I will definitely be riding that more and more as the fall goes on.
Looks like more rain on the way, which is probably really needed but takes a day of riding away.

Hope every ones week is going well. You're almost there!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Just some fun to look at!

Now this is a damn solid corner! I hear he pulled it off and if he did that is just disgusting!
And this might be one of the craziest steeps I've ever seen anyone ride down! I didn't even think it was possible!

Good morning Monday

Well I actually wasn't exhausted this morning so that's a good start to any day but especially a Monday! The weekend was a good time. Friday we just hung out with our friend Mel and went out to eat at Chili's. The food was pretty good and they have this new pay at the table kiosk. It also has games and stuff on it. It was kind of neat but how unpersonable this makes your experience. Soon we will be served by robots and they wonder about unemployment rates? Some days I long for the old days when everything was done buy people and manually! Oh well nothing we can do.

I just want to pass my condolences to Steve Job's family. Thank you Steve for everything you have given us, you will be missed.

Saturday was suppose to be a morning of car shopping, the first day out looking at my options and test driving some cars. It turned into a multi-hour adventure resulting in a new car! Nice, I purchased a '08 red Nissan Sentra. I like it a lot and my expert negotiator Kelly got the price lowered about $500 and a free hitch for a bike rack and auto start thrown in. I will truly miss my Subaru, I've had it since I was a junior in high school and it has been there for me for many years and through thick and thin. I've done a lot of cool things and some stupid ones in it! It was tough saying good buy and maybe the sentimental value has kept it around past its prime but it was time to cut her loose. I hope she doesn't just rot in a junk yard some place but if she does I hope she can provide some much needed parts to another Subaru lover. I will own another one some day but they are out of my price range right now.

Sunday I head to Wisconsin with Josh and Frank to hit up Levis Mound Trail It's about 2.5 hrs from the cities. It is by Eau Claire WI. The trail was awesome and totally my style of riding. Rough and raw! There are tons of rocks and roots. It is very up and down but the downs are totally worth earning! I wasn't a big fan of all the leaves, simply because I'd never rode there before and I really like to see the trail for what it is and pick my lines but I will definitely be coming back to thrash it again in the spring/summer. I unfortunately forgot my camera so no sweet pictures of our ride but it is worth checking out!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fork in the road

Hey ya'll I got my fork fixed finally. I learned some new tricks from my buddy Dave he's not only a shredder but a very handy dude to have around. It took a little longer then expected. We were guessing 1 hr and 2 beers but it was more like 2 hrs and 3 beers. This might have annoyed the misses a bit but I thing she forgives me. It saved me quite a bit of money and will save me quite a bit in the future with this new knowledge. I will be going to BC tonight to test it out! I can't wait to thrash it about a bit. I also will try the new grips and bashgaurd out. Getting it set up full enduro, one piece at a time.

For today I have a little video for you to watch. It is my favorite rider Jerome Clementz discussing the Trans-Provence and his set up of his bike. Click HERE
Oh how nice it would be to have one of these to play on at your beckon call! We'll see what I can do about that! :)

Or something sick like this at your local thrashing hole! Not sure if we can manage that but I have been lobbying for some more north shore style bridges!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Story of my life, ha

So I was like I will go out for a ride straight after work. So I thought I grabbed everything that I needed and it looked that way when I got to the trail head. Grabbed my bag, turned on the GPS, slapped the helmet on and hit the trail. Nice easy ride out from the Rec Center at battle creek, straight to the goat trail ripped that hard and then was like oh I better do it again. They have done some work. Re-did one jump and added another, it flows nice and the word on the street is that they are going to re-due it completely next summer stretch it out and add an A-line and B-line so we'll see how that goes but it would be cool! Always welcome some new options! Headed down towards the bottom, the breaks were a little iffy, I just cleaned them and I guess I didn't get all the break cleaner off or something because they were more like speed scrubbers then breaks. It was exhilarating, forced to ride at some speed in areas I wouldn't always. When I shot out onto the bike path I pulled up into a manual and felt the tire fold! F flatted and of course no pump! Idiot! I have to go buy a CO2 it is so badly needed, however as I was walking back I ran into a guy pulling a trailer with bike products and a frame and asked if he had a pump. He did like any respectable cyclist, haha, his name was Bob and it said it on his bike too! I chatted with him as I fixed my tire. It turns out he builds custom bikes called Bob Brown Cycles, probably not the most creative name but it has a cool ring to it.
After that I had enough air to ride so I figured I'd get a couple pushes of the luge and head back. I did one full run and then sessioned the big jump in the middle while a bunch of kids watched and then headed back to the car.
I ran into Nick Ice and Josh Abramson getting ready to go for a ride. Talked to them for a bit and headed home to play with Jerry. I changed the oil in my car and worked on my bike a bit. Made dinner and Kelly got home from work about 830. We hung out and watched TV before bed.
Today I'm going over to my buddy Dave's to learn how to service my fork, much needed! I'll let you know how that goes.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Here we be

As promised click HERE for the day 7 trans-provence race footage complements of Dirt Mag

It's official!

Alright, unfortunately no video yet, probably tomorrow but Jerome Clementz won the 2011 Trans-Provence. Just dropped on
Mark Weir finished 4th over all and Ben Cruz had to bow out. Sorry to hear that but great race! Can't wait for next year.
Some other really cool similar events to watch for:
BC Bike Race
Trestle All Mountain Enduro
Pisgah Stage Race
Oregon Super D
Mega Avalanche
Downieville Classic

Good day ehh!

Hey hey, another gorgeous MN fall weekend has come and gone. The weather was phenomenal, I really don't think I could have asked for much more truthfully.
Let's start with the Trans-Provence update:
Day 5: Jerome Clementz beat Nicolas Vouilloz by 1 second for the number one spot of the day. The bad news is Ben Cruz hurt his ankle. The good news is that it must not have been that bad because he was back on day 6 to ride, however doesn't appear that he was 100% as he wasn't in the top 20, bummer but good showing Ben you're young and super talented so you will have many more chances to come! Weir finish 4th after flatting, that sucks.
Day 6: Nicolas Vouilloz beat Jerome Clementz by 1 second, so the stage is set for an epic battle heading into Monaco. I can't wait to see the results! This is probably the coolest event, race, ride I've ever seen and I definitely have to do it some day! Mark Weir even said it's the best race he's ever raced. Now that says something.
Click  HERE for the complete write up and videos of day 5 & 6 thanks to!

The weekend: My mom rolled in Thursday night and Friday evening we went to look at flowers and then the ladies went to do some dress shopping. After that we all went to BW's for some wings and beer. Again, not good service. Honestly if Kelly's sister wasn't affiliated with this place. I don't know if I would keep coming back. The food is good but it's good at other places too, hmmm.  After dinner we went back home and just hung out for  a bit. The ladies had some more dress and flower shopping to do in the morning and I was to meet a guy from out of town to show him around Lebanon.

This guy from Canada, Matt, posted on the MORC site to see if anyone could show him around the local trails. I asked which one he said leb, I said heck yeah I don't have anything better to do. He was in town because his wife was running a marathon in the Twin Cities on Sunday. We met at 10am at the trail head and road for a good 3hrs, some were around 25miles give or take. I forgot to turn on my GPS. I knwo how dumb! haha oh well.
He was a super nice guy. He lives in Thunder Bay and works as a Therapist for the mentally insane people, I think. He said he gets to play games and basically lead recess for them. Sounds fun to me, haha. To boot he was a really solid rider. He said he races DH and XC. Perfect, can't beat that combo some of the best and my idols did the same, John Tomac and Mark Weir! At the beginning the legs felt like lead and I was riding like shit. I don't know what it was maybe nerves. Who knows but by about half way through the first blue section it was starting to come around and by the start of black I was beginning to feel it a little more. I could definitely tell he was in better shape then me. He wasn't needed breaks at all and not breathing as hard. I told him he could lead if he wanted to go faster but he was content to have me run point and shout out the up coming features. After black and double black I was on point and finding my lines. I had finally loosened up and was in attack position and was off the rear break and simply using the front to scrub speed. We flew out of the blue and through the green. Took a break, ate a granola bar and headed back in for another blue, double black and blue out and I was feeling in the first half. Big whip, or at least it felt big for me, off the table. Smooth like butter on the landing and just carried speed and hauled through that first section! However by the time we were through the double black I was fatiguing quickly and starting to make mistakes. I was out of water and I could tell I was reaching the end of my successfully riding for the day.

It was great riding with Matt.  He was a great rider and I love riding with better people it inspires and pushes me to be better! He had tons of great stories and had rode a lot of cool places that are on my list. I told him that we might be going to Whistler for our honey moon and I should be able to ride at least one day. He gave me some pointers and told me some of the trails he enjoyed the most. I'm glad I stepped up and said I would help him out. Plus it's a mtb karma boost!

Kelly checked two more things off the wedding list. We booked our florest and she picked out her dress. I heard it beautiful but of course I haven't seen it yet. So I can only imagine!

Here are a few pictures of our ride: Matt did do the log ride but I didn't get that on film, just the crashes, haha.

Hope you had fun Matt, I also hope to get up to Thunder Bay and go ride up there. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Keep it real!