Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Ok so yeah it has been a couple days. My bad, it's been a bit busier then normal at work. Saturday we went to Redwing for some xc and dh riding. It was my first time riding there and I had a blast! It was as close as I could get to All-Mountain riding around here. You had to earn your turn or hike a bike to get some of the sweet runs. There are big booters, drops, gaps and rocks. There are also a couple cool wood features. I loved it I was sending all the jumps, even the ski jump which is super intimidating at first. It is this jump built at the top of a dh, almost a ravine and you just go flying off this thing probably 20-30 in distance and drop about 15 ft or so! So sweet!  I think I will be making the 45min drive a lot more come next summer! It would also be a really good option for possibly doing an enduro stage race there. Something to consider.
Here are a couple pictures.

In the world of MTB or at least of what I care about and follow.
Final enduro race of the SuperEnduro Series took place last weekend as well. It was called non other then Finalenduro it was located in Italy at the Finale Ligura Bike Resort in Finale, how fitting. It's like it was meant to be or something.
Click here for the final results and some pictures.

Also Trans-Provence posted the highlight real click here for that.
Quick recap, that race was 300km long including 10,000meters of climbing and 15000meters of decent over 7 days with 26 timed special stages.
One major point we should all take note of is the one of the first comments in this video about enduro being the future of MTB racing and I think with MN always being considered progressive in the bike movement that we should try to keep it that way and  be on the sharp end trying to stay at the front of the curve the best we can. I would love to help with this so if anyone knows anyone with connections that might be able to help make this a reality let me know. Also consider this doesn't have to be on established bike trails. A lot of these enduros go to ski areas and tap out new trails through the woods and ski runs and link trails and so forth!
It's Wednesday, keep you head up!

Keep it real!

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