Friday, October 14, 2011

where is the day going?

Alright where is the day going? I use to get up to the sun rise, now I watch it from my desk at work. This blows. I know some of you really dig the fall and winter, don't get me wrong the weather is great but it really makes it tough for me to do much after work. I know I should get some lights so I can ride at night. It is kind of fun but as the title reads-"self-sponsored" and those lights are not cheap! Like at least $100 bones to get started and currently I don't have that change but next year I will have to buy one as I get more and more into the enthusiast rider level. Currently on my plate for purchasing is another gym membership. I will be joining Golds Gym, probably this weekend or early next week. They have a killer deal going on right now $15 a month and $50 to sign up so can't beat that. I will be going back on my dumbbell combos work out plan, great plan. It will carry me through the next 12 weeks and then I will decide if I want to get the new DB combos, his new kettle ball work out plan for 12 weeks or step it up to the Ultimate MTB work out which is 6 months! We'll see but I would like to take riding just slightly more serious next summer. That doesn't mean more racing or anything like that but I really want to push my abilities to the next level. I hope coming out of the winter with my current skill base and more strength will allow me to make large gains quickly in the year.
On my order list for reading this long and arduous winter is Mind Gym and Mastering Mountain Bike Skills. The first to give me that mental edge to succeed and the second to pick up any new little tips to riding better.
What's on the plate coming up, well the Dirt Bag is! Not sure I'm physically ready for 88miles but what the heck I'm going to leave it on the gravel and see what I can do! I think my longest ride this year was only 55miles on a road bike and 35miles on a MTB which frankly are not 2 in the same, almost polar opposites! IMO I am going to try and get out a couple times on the LHT in the next week or so but the MTB is just so much more attractive and fun! It's so hard to give it a rest! haha.
Oh by the way thank God its Friday! I hope you all have bomb plans for the weekend, I'm going camping and to the apple orchard or at least that is the plan!

Keep it real!

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