Sunday, October 30, 2011

you Dirt Bag!

Oh this last week and weekend just flew by. The week flew by because work was super busy! Not fun but I did have some fun this week. I went for a solid ride with one of the guys I met at Redwing. His name is Tim. It was a good ride and chat. I love meeting new people and making new friends. We went to Battle Creek and just ran through and hit all the cool trails. There is actually a lot of riding to be have. We may have been able to get a little more riding in then we did but we probably wouldn't have learned as much about each other that way. We only rode about 7miles or so but rode pretty much everything I would include if I was able to run an Enduro there.
I snuck in one more ride at Lebanon as well. It was one of my point and shoot training ride. No breaks, no BSin. Just ride to leb rip leb and ride home. I did have on guy ask me if my bike was a DH bike and how I can pedal it around leb. I looked at him for a second, just to collect my thoughts so I didn't insult him and then I enlightened him to the future, haha. I explained to him the difference between a trail bike like mine and a DH bike. Some times I wonder how people can be so far behind the times but I shouldn't have been surprised. He was on a HT 29er, dressed in Lycra.
I took Thursday and Friday off to rest the legs for the Dirt Bag gravel grinder that was coming up on Saturday. I got to the Dirt Bag at about 730am, registration was to start at 8 and of course Ben wasn't there, haha. Brian showed up at about 745am and Ben about 805am, haha. Late like usual! I knew I was out gunned when car after car rolled up with carbon cannondale cross bikes and other bad ass rides. They looked like they meant business, all dressed in there Lycra. I was one of three people in baggies and the only person I saw with flats. No I take that back. Anderson had flats with toe straps. I had to rep the flat pedal nation pretty hard. I got a few weird looks and hand full of people that asked why I wasn't wearing clips and I had to explain it too them, I still don't think they got it. I know that one guy might try it when I explained it, gave him my opinion and then I asked him if he feels he can ride his mtb with out clips and he said no and I go exactly you just proved my point. I told him that you don't have to ride them all the time but I guaranty it will make him a better rider and it will help him with confidence on those tech sections that he can't clean now.
Anyways about the ride I knew that I wasn't going to win this races. Heck I hadn't even rode close to that many miles in one ride this summer. I rode three longer rides in May trying to get ready for the Almanzo and then rode the LHT 3 times since and the longest mtb ride was about 35miles. So I started in the rear and that's right where I finished. I probably could have done a little better if I wanted to but there was no way I was going to finish in the top. The winner did it in 4hrs and 14 mins and I was right around 7 hours. Last year I think I did it just under 6 hours but I finished and had a great time. I met Rudy and his wife Leslie, they are super cool and live in Duluth and Rudy is into MTB, bmx and trials! I can't wait to get up there and ride with him and maybe learn a few things. There weren't any major issues with the ride, no mechanicals and no cramps. I felt like I had a solid ride. It must have just been a little slower pace then last year. I will have to train a little more so I can finish in a little faster time next year. They told me that all the chilli and the swag was gone 1.5 hrs before I got there! F me, haha. Oh well I had a blast!
Sunday was pumpkin carving day, I did two and they are pretty sweet so I will have to put some pictures up after tomorrow.
I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did!

Keep it real!

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