Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fork in the road

Hey ya'll I got my fork fixed finally. I learned some new tricks from my buddy Dave he's not only a shredder but a very handy dude to have around. It took a little longer then expected. We were guessing 1 hr and 2 beers but it was more like 2 hrs and 3 beers. This might have annoyed the misses a bit but I thing she forgives me. It saved me quite a bit of money and will save me quite a bit in the future with this new knowledge. I will be going to BC tonight to test it out! I can't wait to thrash it about a bit. I also will try the new grips and bashgaurd out. Getting it set up full enduro, one piece at a time.

For today I have a little video for you to watch. It is my favorite rider Jerome Clementz discussing the Trans-Provence and his set up of his bike. Click HERE
Oh how nice it would be to have one of these to play on at your beckon call! We'll see what I can do about that! :)

Or something sick like this at your local thrashing hole! Not sure if we can manage that but I have been lobbying for some more north shore style bridges!

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