Friday, October 21, 2011

oh dear...

For me it appears the season is drawing to a close, bitter sweet I would say. I only was able to ride once this week due to other obligations and the sun going down so quickly. I got out and rode yesterday. 13.5miles in about 1hr and 15 mins not too bad on a MTB I would say. Lebanon is in great shape and I'm growing fonder to the foliage on the trail it makes from some crazy drifts around some of the corners.
I did get back in the gym today for the first time in a long time. It felt great. I hope to stick with it and make some solid gains over the winter and cary it right on through next summer.

I'm am going to get to ride tomorrow. I'm going with some buddies to Memorial Park in Red Wing. It will be my first time down there this year so that should be exciting. I hear they have some nice down hill runs! Got love pointing the reign dh style and holding on, she does shine nicely at that but here are some bomb bikes for 2012 that I would love to add to my quiver but unfortunately will not be able to. There are other priorities for my monies 1. Wedding, 2. Honey moon & 3. House!

First bike and my favorite Cannondale Claymore 2 MSRP $3,900:
Second runner up and quite a bit more spendy Trek Slash MSRP $5700:

And the last on the short list but the most expensive is the Cannondale Jekyll Ultimate MSRP $6200:
There are many more out there that are BA but if I had the money that would be my short list! Good luck finding any of these in a bike shop near you, I asked about demos too and most people told me probably not. I guess people here don't want to have fun and think these are too big of a bike but I go to group rides with my 150mm travel reign and hold my own all day and do way sweet stuff then the HT xc riders could dream of so I guess whatever, don't be progressive.
But bike shops if you are reading this there is a growing free ride and all mountain scene here in MN and the Midwest and there will be more demand for this style of bike so don't be so old fashion in your thinking!

Keep it real!

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