Monday, October 17, 2011


Well let the Midwest winds blow! This weekend was a pretty solid. Nothing extreme just a nice quite weekend. Kelly is getting sick so no camping unfortunately. Friday we celebrated Kelly's mom's birthday with some good old American style Mexican at Acapulco (I think that's what it's called) either way they have good food and great beer specials 40oz beer for 4 bucks!
Saturday was a lot of running around doing a little of this a little of that. We went to the apple orchard and to the dog park. Jerry absolutely loves this place. It's in Burnsville like under 10miles from our place. He can go crazy there since it's fenced in but he listens pretty well and there is a lake for him to swim. That evening we rented a movie, The Adjustment Bureau, it was a pretty good flick and just took it easy. Sunday morning we got up and took Jerry to the dog park again. This time it was way more chill, not as many dogs so it was a lot more walking and throwing the ball on my behalf but still a lot of fun.
After lunch Kelly went to go see the new Footloose movie with her mom and sister. Kelly said it was alright but not better then the original. The only reason I would have wasted my money to see it was to see Julianne Hough shake her ass, glad I didn't go. I went for a ride instead. I rode to Leb rode blue, double black, black, blue out to green and green twice. It was about 15.7miles at that point so I decided I would try to get 30 miles to try and get ready for the Dirt Bag, so I headed south on Johnny Cake Ridge Rd to I don't know something after McAndrew's and then east to county road 3 in Rosemount and then back up to Diffly and on to home. It was just over 30miles and damn was it windy! I was starting to feel it. Doesn't help pushin a 6inch travel 26inch bike with 2.35 tires but I figure it was a good training ride for things to come.
Hope you all had a good weekend!
Keep it real!

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