Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Story of my life, ha

So I was like I will go out for a ride straight after work. So I thought I grabbed everything that I needed and it looked that way when I got to the trail head. Grabbed my bag, turned on the GPS, slapped the helmet on and hit the trail. Nice easy ride out from the Rec Center at battle creek, straight to the goat trail ripped that hard and then was like oh I better do it again. They have done some work. Re-did one jump and added another, it flows nice and the word on the street is that they are going to re-due it completely next summer stretch it out and add an A-line and B-line so we'll see how that goes but it would be cool! Always welcome some new options! Headed down towards the bottom, the breaks were a little iffy, I just cleaned them and I guess I didn't get all the break cleaner off or something because they were more like speed scrubbers then breaks. It was exhilarating, forced to ride at some speed in areas I wouldn't always. When I shot out onto the bike path I pulled up into a manual and felt the tire fold! F flatted and of course no pump! Idiot! I have to go buy a CO2 it is so badly needed, however as I was walking back I ran into a guy pulling a trailer with bike products and a frame and asked if he had a pump. He did like any respectable cyclist, haha, his name was Bob and it said it on his bike too! I chatted with him as I fixed my tire. It turns out he builds custom bikes called Bob Brown Cycles, probably not the most creative name but it has a cool ring to it.
After that I had enough air to ride so I figured I'd get a couple pushes of the luge and head back. I did one full run and then sessioned the big jump in the middle while a bunch of kids watched and then headed back to the car.
I ran into Nick Ice and Josh Abramson getting ready to go for a ride. Talked to them for a bit and headed home to play with Jerry. I changed the oil in my car and worked on my bike a bit. Made dinner and Kelly got home from work about 830. We hung out and watched TV before bed.
Today I'm going over to my buddy Dave's to learn how to service my fork, much needed! I'll let you know how that goes.

Keep it real!

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