Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A couple shorties!

No not cute gangsta ladies, short rides! Get your mind out of the gutter, haha. The last couple days have been pretty typical fall riding. Monday I had planned on ripping a good hard lap or so at Lebanon and then eating dinner and heading over to my buddy Franks from some testing of his new back yard pump track but it looked like it might rain and of course it did. I was about half way through my lap and it started to rain pretty good nothing crazy heavy but consistent enough to make me get wet! The trail was killer, minus some wet leaves in the corners that can make some stuff a bit hairy! Unfortunately it didn't let up so I decided to cut my ride short and sweet 7.5miles basically only the outer blue with a couple redue sections just because.
Last night after work, since I brought my bike with me, I decided to hit up Carver Lake. It was my first time there and it was really fun, a lot like the new green section at Leb and Cuyuna. Not really technical but they did have a really fun skinny and a rock garden and sounds like there are more features on the way so keep this trail in mind as it is on the up and up. I did 3 laps about 12 miles and by the third lap I had the flow down pat and really didn't pedal that much. There are some climbs but if you have your kung fu dialed you can pump the shit out of this place and really get moving with minimal pedal strokes. My favorite section is for sure the turn around loop on the second half. It is like a pump track the whole loop is pretty much pump able with a nicely build down hill 180 berm! super fun. I did 2 laps on that section each lap. With it only being 1.5miles from where I work and laps taking under 30mins I will definitely be riding that more and more as the fall goes on.
Looks like more rain on the way, which is probably really needed but takes a day of riding away.

Hope every ones week is going well. You're almost there!

Keep it real!

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