Monday, March 10, 2014

Cottage Grove Bike Park is a Bell Grant Finalist!

I'm super stoked that CGBP has been selected as a finalist for the IMBA-Bell Built Grant, but this isn’t a sure thing, they haven't won anything yet and it will most definitely be a very difficult win! 

We will need everyone’s support when the time comes! Voting for our project will begin April 21st!

The other finalists will be announced soon. We know Andres Bike Park just outside of Chicago has also been selected. The region is large as you can see. 

The voting will be handled a little different this year.... there are 3 regions, West, Central and East. We are obviously in the central region.

There are 4 finalists for each region, so a total of 12 finalists.

There will be a winner from each region this year. It doesn't matter the category that your project is in, as long as it falls into either DH/Gravity, Flow or Bike Park, we are in the Bike Park category. Our grant would be used to build a world class dirt jump section in the Cottage Grove Bike Park.

Because of the new voting format there could potentially be 3 bike parks winning or any combination of the categories. The only thing that matters this time around is that your project receives the most votes in your region during your voting period!

This is where we will need your help, your friends, families, acquaintances and colleagues help! We want to be the project with the most votes at the end of our voting period!

There are 3 separate voting times, one for each region:
• April 7 through April 20, 2014: West Coast Regional Finalists
• April 21 through May 4, 2014: Central Regional Finalists
• May 5 through May 18, 2014: East Coast Regional Finalists

We will keep you posted as we progress through the process.