Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy December

Yesterday work was a bit of a blur but that's nothing new, this week in general has been a bit of a blur. Just trying to get back into a good eating habit and work out regiment. It's going alright just keep on trucking and stay focused. Can't wait till it freezes up so I can play some pond hockey and get some ice climbing in. I hate this time of the year, it's too shitty out to ride my bike and I can't do my winter sports of choice. Mother nature can't make up her mind if it's time for winter or if it's still fall.
After work Kelly and I went to Lifetime for a good work out. I have a pretty good work out that I'm doing that my trainer made up for me, I have 2 more free sessions with her and then I will begin the Ultimate MTB work out after that. So probably about Feb or so.
Last night I ordered my Christmas present for my myself on behalf of my mother, 5.10 Low Impact 2s, the Sam Hill signature series. If you don't know who Sam Hill is you should check him out, he rides for Monster Specialized and is one of the elite DH racers in the world! The shoes came with a set of Wellgo WAM B25 flats. I'm so excited to get them, unfortunately I'll only be able to play with them for a bit and then I will have to wrap them up and put them under the tree until Christmas, haha. Oh well that's only a couple weeks down the road!
Some of you are probably wondering why I'm ordering new pedals and shoes in the winter, especially because I'm not riding my bike. Well I might be getting the cart before the horse but I will be buying a mountain bike in a couple of months and the bikes I've been looking at don't come with pedals and I will be doing spin class probably in the next month or so. Yes I will be the weird dude in your spin class with a pedal wrench changing the pedals and putting quality flats on the spin bike. If you don't remember I have, at least for now, packed the clipless pedals away and will be going exclusively to flats.
Keep it real!

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