Sunday, December 12, 2010

victory is mine!

Ok so I'll get to the title in just a bit but first the day started out with some more exciting shoveling, haha. Yeah I slept on floor but surprisingly woke up relatively pain free. My back muscles were just a little sore but after digging out the wind row from the plow I was right back to really sore! So my plan was to just go home take a hot bath, I know it sounds a little girly but nothing makes my muscles feel better then a really hot bath with Epson salt, relax and maybe do some packing or cleaning but as soon as we got home Kelly's mom called and asked if I would go help out Kelly's grandma and clear her snow for her. Of course I went over and helped out. It wasn't that bad Kelly's aunt who lives beside her grandma had snow blowed the drives way so I just had to do the front step and deck for both of them, plus I made a little change. Yeah, about that. That money is already gone since my blower fan for my heater decided to shit out today! God damn can I ever catch a break once in a while? Guess not. So I had to track one down. After a few calls I found one for about $75. I drove over there, having to scrape the inside of my window about every 5 mins or so! It should have taken about 5 mins to replace it but of course the off brand part doesn't just pop in place. No I had to saw out part of the existing support and splice the wires together but after about 20mins and a few F bombs it works perfectly! Victory!
Alright on the riding side of things. I really think you all should check out the Bikejames podcast simply for the nutrition tip, but the gear review is pretty sweet. He talks about the Yeti ASR-7. It's a bad ass bike but a bit out of my price range. So basically the nutrition tips are 1. Eat every 3 hours, no more than 4hrs between meals and use a food log to keep you on track. 2. Eat protein with every meal.  3.  Cut out refined carbs as much as you can and try to eat fruits and veggies with every meal.  Obviously he goes into way more detail, so check it out! 
Hope you all had a great weekend! Stay safe and warm!

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