Friday, December 3, 2010

The Day to Day

Five days and going strong, no caffeine. I even passed on free Mountain Dew, I know I can't believe it either! Yesterday at work we had a pot luck, I forgot about it. So I was that guy. The free loader, but hell I didn't eat that much and they taunt me all day long every day they have these pot lucks. They put the food right behind my cubical and then they are like oh you have the best spot in the office, in this almost sarcastic tone. The all know that I try to eat healthy and work hard to stay with my training but they like the phrases; "oh it's only one day" or "you can afford to eat what you want" yeah of course I can but that's because I work hard and eat right! Some of them should try it. It really does work. Either way the food was good and I appreciate the nice people that brought me my lunch! haha.
Kelly and I are currently packing up our apartment to move into a town home so we can get a dog and have enough space for all our gear. So we knew that the landlord could show our apartment but there is seriously like 40 other units open but of course we got a letter on Wednesday that they are showing our place Friday afternoon and of course we procrastinated and we had to mad scramble to straighten up our place for the showing. You know what they say about procrastination, it's like masturbation it's all fun and games and then you realized you just fucked yourself. Luckily the place wasn't that big of a mess and we got it all sorted!
Take it easy all and have a great weekend!

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