Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well this caffeine-junkie has quit ingesting caffeine cold turkey as of Monday, or trying to anyways. It has been 3 days, the longest 3 days of my life! We will see how long it lasts. I have quit in the past but always relapsed, so I know what I'm in for, but damn it's difficult. Especially working an office job. I just get so tired sitting in that cube, but they don't have free coffee at my office, believe it or not, so that makes it easier.
The pros are that I'm not ingesting soda, empty calories. I have also read that caffeine can increase low back pain do to the restriction of blood flow to an already restricted area. That right there is a great reason for me, low back pain sucks. It's not constant but if I can make it go away for good that would be great, I'm also trying to strengthen it and do stretching to help.  Finally caffeine slows the healing of muscles, joints and tendons, also do to the restricted blood flow. Hopefully it will speed the recovery from my over use injury to my right hip. Which by the way is feeling pretty damn good if I do say so myself, It has been about 2.5 weeks since I've pedaled my bike so I'll give it a bit longer before I get back on, just to make sure.

The cons well I'm flat out tired as hell in the morning! Not like I'm not normally but I don't get that little pick me up I'm use to. I know that a lot of people complain about the head aches, but I'm not really experiencing that right now. I have some in the past. So I guess I'm lucky.
It is what its!

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