Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

3 days till Christmas, I hope you all have your shopping done, if not I heard there are lots of stores staying open until Christmas Eve, 24hrs a day. So the TV road forecast was a little off. I woke up to check the travel forecast at 545am and they said it was a slow go all over, tons of crashes. So yeah I was like shit I better get this show on the road. Ate breakfast, grabbed my lunch and was out the door. The commute was slow in some odd areas, so I was like shit they're right. Then it just opened up and I made it to work in about 35mins or so. Yeah I was at work at 650am and my shift started at 8! Did all my Internet surfing before my shift even started. That definitely lead to a long day of aimless Internet surfing between calls, hahaha. Well the good thing is it let me research more bikes as my decision time is growing closer with the end of the year and the tax season drawing even closer! I'm getting pretty excited! Over all work was ok. Surprisingly this weeks is going off with out a hitch. No travel plans for the weekend but for those of you that are looks like the weather will cooperate for you.
After work I went to a movie with Kelly. I was debating on working out since Weds the plan is to ice climb after work. We went to the Fighter, staring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. It was a true story about the fighter Micky Ward. It was a great movie about an under dog and very interesting and inspiring! I would recommend it....
Take it easy!

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