Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holy Cow!

For once the meteorologist was right! Congrats! We definitely got all the snow I was hoping for an then some. I haven't heard any official totals yet, but at 3pm the Afton Alps ski report stated 20inches of fresh powder, unfortunately the wind was super rippin' and they closed at 4pm. Dang it! How many chances to do you get to ski that kind of powder in Minnesota and I missed it, but my day was for from lacking adventure. Kelly and I woke up to a winter wonderland and decided we wanted donuts for breakfast. Luckily we only live 2 blocks from a gas station freshly stocked with delicious donuts daily! So we got all bundled up in our snow gear and started our walk over to Holiday. Stopping occasionally to throw each other in the snow bank and play king of the hill, victory! haha. Well as we were crossing the Rainbow Foods parking lot some dude started his car and looked like he was going to go so we stopped to wait for him but then he didn't go anywhere so we started walking and when we got past his car he opened the door and yelled " what the hell do you think you are doing! I could have hit you! How the hell do you expect me to see you through this windshield!" We both stood there for for a seconds befuddled and then I was like "turn your damn lights on!" And the guy yelled back "even with my lights on I couldn't see you through my windshield!" So I said "why don't you clean your windshield." Then the guy goes, "fuck you asshole, get the fuck out of the parking lot!" Again Kelly and I stood there not knowing what to do so we started walking and the guy came ripping past us flinging snow. We just laughed. When we got to Holiday we saw him cleaning his windows and when he left he had his lights on, haha! Figures, I was right! After breakfast we walked to Wal-Mart then home and decided it was a good idea to go sledding but instead of going and buying some we figured there were some at Kelly's parents.
So we went and cleaned off the 12+ inches off of my car and disobeyed the no travel advisory. Oh well what's the worst that could happen. We figured it would be an adventure and it was. It was fine driving. Most of the roads were wind blown clear but the visibility sucked and of course there were multitudes of idiots on the road, many in the ditch and a few morons just parked in the middle of the freeway either stuck in a drift or cleaning their windshield! Why these people didn't go to the shoulder I don't know but they almost caused me to get into an accident driving 30mph on the freeway! WFT! Then we get to Lake Rd exit and the fun really begins!
So there is a lady, nothing against women drivers, that has no idea how to drive in the winter. She is in a mini-van, of course, and is stuck on a relatively clear off ramp. After about 30mins and a good half dozen people we got her up the off ramp as well as two other older people in front wheel drive cars, nothing against elderly people or people that have front wheel drive vehicles, but stay your asses at home if you don't know how  to drive! Needless to say the Subaru destroyed the winter driving and we got to Kelly's parents house, only to find no sleds!
Great so we drove all the way over there, the weather is getting bad and the only snow toy was this cheap snow board, the one with the string in the front, and the snow was way too deep for that. So we decided to help her mom out, since her dad was one of the lucky people that got to enjoy the 20inch powder skiing, and do some snow removal. Well, we couldn't get the snow blower started and after about 50 pulls the string broke. Yeah we panicked, no one wants to piss Bob off. I took it all apart and put the string back in place. We just left it be and all was good until Bob got home and tried to start it and the pulley gave out for good. Yeah we wore the old beast out and technically broke it. Basically we didn't tell him but we felt bad and shoveled the whole drive way. Now my back and shoulder is sore and I am way tired. Plus we are stuck here for the night. One crazy ass Minnesota winter day for me that's for sure!
Hope you all had as much fun as me!

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