Sunday, December 5, 2010

a bushwhackin' adventure

Today was Kelly's first day of coaching skiing, which means my first Sunday of having to entertain myself. So I spent part of the morning watching TV, which I became bored with quickly. So I decided to pull out winter gear and bust out the XC skis. I don't know where many of the ski trails are so I went to Salem Hills Park/Harmon Reserve. There isn't a set of actual trails to follow besides the bike trails which were slightly packed down from the people walking there dogs. I stared following the beaten trail but that got old so I started just going where ever, a little bushwhacking. I did stumble across some other ski tracks so I started following them and discovered some sweet hills just to the west of the reserve that are ripe for some sweet mountain bike trails. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure it's all private as I went through a downed fence and came across a rope tow line. Yeah that's right, some baller over there has their own tow line and personal ski/tubing hill. It looked like mostly snowboarding or tubing tracks and a lot of snowmobiles ripping up the steeps. Unfortunately I haven't quite figured out the trick to successfully ripping down big hills with XC skis. No edge at all and more then once did I have to sit down to save my ass from hitting some trees, haha. Oh well it was a great work out and a lot of fun. I was the only one out there and it was all fresh powder, no groomed trails at all. I think that makes it a lot more fun and exciting. It's like a mini adventure opposed to a work out where you just do laps on a groom trail.
Hope your weekend was great and relaxing!

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