Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Weekend!

This weekend started off pretty solid, especially since it started on Thursday night and not Friday. There wasn't a lot going on on Thursday. Just work out and and hang out with Kelly.
Friday was spent hanging out with Kelly. We picked up the house a little bit and went and ran some errands. Then stopped at Kelly's mom's for what was suppose to be a quick stop so Kelly could play with her cat, but we got recruited to help Kelly's mom decorate for a bit.  It wasn't that bad, she bought us Milio's for lunch. Yum! After that we did a little Christmas shopping then I had to hurry home to pack up my climbing gear since I was suppose to meet Stu down at the Franklin St bridge for a little climbin' session! So yeah I got all ready, dressed to climb and then I couldn't find my keys so I started to panic and was running all over the house sweating my ass off, finally found them! Yes off to climb I was so excited and then I turned off 94 and was like shit did I remember my boots? I looked back! Fuck no! I forgot my boot so I had to turn around and of course traffic sucked going back the other way but it only took me about 40mins to go back home and get there. When I got there Stu had set up the rope so it was all good to go. Stu and I climbed till about 10pm and made plans to head up north to Robinson Quarry Park in Sandstone MN.
Saturday I woke up at 630am, packed my lunch, ate breakfast, got dressed and grabbed my pack. Hit the road, making a quick stop at Kelly's parent's house to grab some fire wood. The plan was to meet Stu and Jake at a park and ride just north of Forest Lake and all ride together. So we all met up at 8 and hit the road. When we got the Quarry there was one other group of 3 guys there. We decided that we would all share ropes. We set up two and they set up one. The ice was amazing. The city just set up an amazing farming system. They have 4 sets of sprayers now. So much ice, I hope they keep farming all winter! So many options. Not too long after we got there another group of 3 guys showed up. 2 were from Cali and the other was from Connecticut. It was sweet because they were doing a little climbing tour and had heard of Sandstone and decided to check it out and had been climbing there this week and were pretty impressed. That's bomb, I hope it keeps growing and improving. Needless to say we had 5 great routs and a fire ripping and great people to hang with all day! What an amazing way to spend a Saturday afternoon. pics at the bottom.
Sunday is my day all alone. I made eggs and bacon for breakfast, my favorite. Then Kelly was off to coaching and my alone time began. So I started off by doing some laundry and then a few dishes. After that I finished up my Christmas shopping with a quick trip to a couple stores close to home. When I got back I ate and wrapped up the presents. Hands down I'm the worst wrapper in the word, even worse then Shaq, I know hard to believe! The afternoon was spent at the local pond playing some puck with a few of the high school kids.... they keep getting fast, there is no way that I'm getting slower... hahaha ;)
I hope you all had a great weekend, next weeked is Christmas!

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