Monday, December 27, 2010

let the exodus begin!

Yes the move has begun and the first day of the three day move was rather successful, we took six car loads of stuff over tonight and filled the dinning area of our new place. We signed all the final documents, paid our deposit and got the keys so it is official now. We now have a new place and it's about 600 square feet larger, we have a lot more privacy and tons more storage area. I'm super excited to get all settled in but I don't want to get my cart before the horse. We still have to get all our things out of our place and clean this beast!
Other then moving, the day was pretty slack. Work wasn't too bad, fairly slow on the phones but there was a shit load of injured and sick wal-mart people calling in to start claims, haha that seems like the only people I talk to at work. You got to love them, they keep the day interesting to say the least. They are definitely a unique and different breed of people!
Still exploring different bike options. I have found a couple prospects, one is still the Giant Reign but I did stumble across a Rocky Mountain SXC slayer 30 for a good price on So I'm just asking for some suggestions so leave a comment if you have an opinion. Can't wait to get my tax return back so I can get really serious about bike shopping!
I'll keep you up to date on the move!
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