Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011!

Alright only 4 months till mtn bike season! For now I will get back on the off season work out band wagon and stay OFF the bike! and ice climb as much as I can. My hip has really been doing well, less aches and pains through out the days. Unfortunately like said I have been slacking the last couple weeks simply because of time. The last two work outs were great and on Sunday I will pound out a solid work out and try to work out as many days I can this week. The parents have rescheduled and will be coming Friday afternoon so I will try to get off 2 hours early to make the most of the weekend!
The new year celebration was pretty much as I planned, pretty chill. Kelly and I just grabbed a movie from red box and a 6er. We watched Salt, with Angelina Jolie, I don't really care much for her movies but I do have to say this movie was bad ass. It kept me on my toes and trying to figure out the next turn right to the end. After the movie we watched the ball drop and went to bed but weren't able to get to sleep as I got to hear about my friends crazy ass night via text message. What has this world come to? I could have just had a two minute phone call but I guess 45mins of going back and forth texting and I'm sure he was drunk, haha. Basically he didn't have good start to the new year, but could have depends on how you look at it! haha
The first day of the new year was pretty laid back. We slept till 11am!! I know what a waste of the day, haha but it felt really good. Then we clean up a little bit and put most of the rest of the stuff away. Then just lounged around till about 3 when we went over to Kelly's parent's for a little get together. It was pretty fun, and her grandma says the damnedest things.... haha. Quote of the day. We played this game where you had to write down an answer to a question and one person has to guess what everyone else wrote. So the question was name something you like to play with in your hands. Ok could go either way but mind is out of the gutter since Kelly's parents and Grandma is there but Grandma thought the question was about Bob so she wrote boobs. Yeah pretty funny by it's self but then we were like haha it was suppose to be about you and she was like " oh I thought it was what Bob liked to play with I sure know that Ronnie (Grandpa) liked to play with them!" haha omg! I never laughed so hard in my life, probably will have nightmares tonight, haha! Go to the happy place, happy thoughts!
Well hope you all had a great first day of the new year!
Keep it real!

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