Sunday, January 23, 2011

The weekend in a nut shell

Hmmm.... Friday is kind of a blur I know I did paper work all day at work and quite a bit of dickin' off since it was my last day in that position and with that manager. My manager is pretty cool and she loves me so I spent a lot of time shootin' the shit with her. After work on Friday I hurried home to pick up a bit and get the place ready for a couple friends to come over. The plan was to go bowling but when we went there, there was huge line so we said forget it and headed to the liquor store. Went back home and played some good old drinking games. Yeah I got shwaisted! I actually passed out about 12:30, haha. Yeah I kind of feel like I let myself down but at the same time you just need to let loose from time to time and it was a blast. Felt like I was back in college, riding the bus!
Surprisingly I didn't feel like shit on Saturday but I didn't do much. I made my normal weekend breakfast of bacon and eggs. Watched TV and took a nap. We went to Kelly's parents house a little later to hang with her brother who was in town for the day, played a little pool and gave the cat some kitty weed, haha I love that stuff. It makes him go nuts! Then we went to eat at Chilli's and then watched the town. It was a pretty bad ass movie. Based loosely on a true story, recommend it to you all.
Sunday there was a lot more going on. Kelly had to go to the Trollhaugen ski area for a ski race so I was all alone. Woke about 9 ate breakfast and went to the gym. I had all day so I thought I would feel out the full DB combos work out. It was great, I really enjoyed the warm up. The work out was definitely challenging but I had the time so I did a couple rounds of bike james' nightmare before christmas work out at the end and then sat in the hot tub, a little sauna action and a short swim. After the gym I went home did some laundry ate and then went to the rink to shoot the puck around.  Great way to spend a cold day!
This weekend I did begin my serious looking for a new mountain bike. I checked out a couple variations of the Specialized Stumpjumper, the FSR Comp and the Elite, both technically out of my said price range but possibly negotiable. I also went and checked out the giant reign 2. It is going be discounted next week when the owner gets back to town but I will also try to negotiate with them as well. I will be making another trip back down there probably next weekend. They are suppose to be building a large so I can check out the difference. That brings me to my new dilemma.
My inseam is 32inch which fits well on a medium but my torso is longer and my shoulders are wide and my arms are pretty long too so I'm right in the middle of the Medium and large. Most of the bikes have small enough stand over heights that I can go either way. I wouldn't have hesitated a month a go to go with the medium because I've always favored the compact cockpit with my BMX background but after reading an article form Lee McCormack where he talks about the pros moving towards larger bikes when they are in the middle, the whole article isn't about it so I took and excerpt to save you all the time.
"Yeah man, the pendulum is swinging toward longer bikes. Lopes Himself is on a medium Tranny for DJ/pump.
Advantages of longer bikes:
- More stable.
- Easier balance.
- Fit more like “real” bikes.
Possible disadvantages of longer bikes:
- Harder to whip around. But barely.
- Take more body English to change the balance point.
- Harder to fit into tight troughs.
I think a decent rider can overcome any downsides while enjoying the upsides. I think. We’ll see.
Data point: I’ve been riding my Stumpy like crazy. 44-inch wheelbase. Very stable. Extremely flick able. Pumps and manuals just fine."
So it got me thinking. I might try to ride a large and run a shorter stem which should help me with handling to begin with and I will slap on some 725 or 750 handle bars. Let me know if you have any suggestions!  I'll keep y'all in the loop as the purchase comes closer!
Keep it real!

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