Friday, January 21, 2011

hello weekend!

Hey y'all the weekend is here. It is officially my last day in the call center. So I'm no longer a dead beat phone operator and will now be a dead beat paper pusher in a different department, but I get to listen to my iPod while doing it, haha. So lets see. Wednesday, not a lot going on just did some paper work at work and went to the gym. I'm starting to dabble with the MTB DB combos. There is a lot to go over and learn. I also have to figure out the starting weight for my dumbbells. That's another reason I wont officially start the 12 week program till February. Thursday was another day of doing paper work. Interesting story here, one of my supervisors sits pretty close to me and if you've never actually met me, I have a fairly deep voice and tend to talk kind of loud sometimes. Anyways, my cube mate was done taking a call and he said something about the persons last name and it was hyphenated. So I commented back something along the lines of, I think it's so stupid when people hyphenate there last names especially when they have long names. If you don't like your spouses name keep your own. I mean I guess I don't really care because I would only have to type it occasionally and I'm sure the adults don't care because they only have to update there email signature once but think about the kids! Are you really going to do that to your kid? Make that 1st grader stand up at the front of the class and look like an idiot while they are trying to scratch out some giant Italian/Hispanic combo name across the black board in front of all his/her friends? Damn I struggled with my last name and its only 8 letters long! Anyways long story short, that supervisor heard me and she is kind of.... well no comment, and she emailed me and my direct supervisor on how I shouldn't make comments like that because my voice caries and other people could here it through the head set mics and get offended. Whatever! I'm over it and I wont have to deal with her anymore. After work I went and did a work out but had to cut it short do to my back starting to hurt so I went and stretched, foam rolled and sat in the hot tub and today it feels great as well as my hip. It totally goes from day to day!
My clutch in my car is now officially on it's last leg and I am currently waiting on some quotes to get it repaired. I hope it isn't too much. I don't want to use my credit card if I don't have to but I also don't want to spend all my money so I can't get my new bike! I wont make it through the summer with out it! Lets hope the tax return is big! and I get a nice bonus and a decent raise! I hope you all have some memorable adventures planned for the weekend. Nothing planned for me yet. I guess I'll just fly by the seat of my pants. I'm pretty good at that. Tonight is bowling and we're going to have a couple friends over for some beers!
Keep it real!

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