Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Visit to the doctor

Well it seems like this is the time of the year to go to the doctor for my family. Kelly has been there twice in the last week and my car is going in for surgery on 2/4, getting his clutch replaced. I've had enough of this hip holding me back during training so it's time to break down and have it looked out. So this morning I made an appointment with Summit Orthopedic to have it looked at. I'm hoping best case scenario, the doc is going to tell me it's an over use injury like bursitis or something and take an x-ray tell me nothing is broken and I don't have any bone spurs and give me a steroid shot and maybe some oral meds and send me on my way. Worse case he thinks it's worse and has an MRI ordered and wants surgery, let's hope not! That might get spendy!
Today I woke up and my hip felt pretty well, which is awesome since Tuesday night was rough. My hip was brutally painful, sharp and constant. I had to throw in the towel for my work out and I went to the hot tub which helped a bit but I went home popped the Alive and a iced the shit out of it! Thankfully it's better today but it is disappointing in general, it's keeping from getting the most out of my work outs. The plan for Wednesday evening will be taking it easy as Kelly is going to a movie, I'll be on my own watching TV and hanging out on the couch.
Work today was pretty easy, more of the same. We did start learning the new system and did a little job shadowing which kept things slightly interesting. This week is flying by, I guess that's good but soon training will be over and I'll be back out there doing real work, haha, yuck! I like the chill school atmosphere. After work I figured it would be good to let the hip rest so I went home used the foam roller and surfed the net, ate dinner and iced my hip while I watched some more TV. Can't wait to get my car and my hip fixed. Not looking forward to spending that cash, just hope there is enough left to buy my bike! Well it will happen, I'll make it!
Keep it real!

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