Thursday, January 27, 2011

good bye monday hello friday!

Well today was a good day. Work went quickly. Training is definitely very dry and I do get a bit annoyed with my trainer talking to the class like we are 4th graders. I hope next week is a bit more interesting. This week is definitely a repeat of all the crap I learned in my first training class 16 months ago, but anyways enough of that junk. Work sucks plain and simple. It is simply a means to my end, aka outdoor adventure activities! Holla! Right now is ice climbing and hockey. Soon it will be Mtn biking and hiking.  I hope that this change of jobs does add a bit of new spice to my boring work life, at least for a few months, then who knows maybe I'll try a different position and then after that hopefully move out west and so on and so forth!
After work I went to the gym since my hip was probably an 8 out of 10 which is really good since Tuesday was like a 2 out of 10! I did my DB combos work out! Which is awesome, definitely feeling the results even though it's only been 2 or 3 weeks but really on again off again due to the hip. I had a bit of extra time because Kelly went to a movie with her mom since yesterday the movie was canceled because of technical difficulty. I also was feeling pretty fresh due to the added rest, so I added some Turkish Get ups and a round of the night mare before christmas work out  and topped it off with a quick row. It felt great and the hip isn't yelling at me so that's good. Hopefully the doc can put an end to that for good here in a week or two. Only one more day of work to get through and then the weekend!
Keep it real!
For all of you out there that still doubt me and even my boy James about the clipless vs. flats you have to check out this pod cast, it is a road racing coach that talks about the perfect pedal stroke and how the pedal doesn't help you achieve that and backs James 100%, click here

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