Monday, January 31, 2011

The weekend

Ok, I don't usually like to start the week with rants but seriously, 3 inches of snow and it took me 15-20mins just go get on to hwy 77 and I know it took Kelly way longer then that. Seriously people we have almost made it through the entire winter and we get some snow and everyone has to drive like idiots and that isn't even my rant. My rant is about the assholes that think they are better then everyone else and think that their time is more important then everyone else's! Seriously look in the mirror you're not! So stop flying up in the line and trying to budge in. Que up and wait your GD turn! and the car pool lane is for cars with more then one person, douche bag! I gave a least 3 douches the finger this morning and they looked at me like what, what did I do wrong and then I made sure this idiot didn't get in front of me and gave him the finger. I am all about the MinDot zipper idea when it comes to merging on to a freeway or when lanes get cut down, but not when assholes thing they are better and need to take the car pool by pass to get to work quicker, F U!

Well enough with that. Friday was alright work went quick. Took a quiz on medical terminology and practiced in the new system I'll be working in. After work I did a pretty good work out and the hip was feeling pretty good. I've decided to start rating my hip pain, so a 1 is can't walk and a 10 is no pain. Recap from last week. Mon=5, Tues= 2, Wed= 4, Thur 6-7, Fri= 7-8, Sat= 8, Sun =8 and I'll even give today, a 9. I'm feeling great today, but we'll see what all the sitting brings. After the work out we were going to order pizza and play board games at Kelly's parents but her sister bailed out so we didn't have enough people so we went out for pizza and ate at DeLeo Bro's, it's in Woodburry. Probably the best pizza I've had in a long time. I love New York still hand tossed pizza.
Saturday was pretty chill. Stu came over and we went to the hockey rink for a couple hours then he had to bail but I decided to stay and play and ended up playing pond puck for at least 2 more hours. What a great work out that was, and the hip felt great. That evening Kelly and I went to No Strings Attached. It was pretty good, kind of funny. Definitely a date movie chick flick but there were some pretty hot sex scenes and Natalie Portman was smokin'!
Sunday Kelly had to coach so I spend the morning at the gym, working out sauna and hot tub. I left there feeling like a champ. After that I got gas and a car wash for, I think, the first time this winter. It was so nice out! When I was leaving my windows were fogging up so I cranked the heater and it smelt like something was really hot so I shut it off and checked out the blower fan sounded like something was in it. I went home redid the wiring, as I had just put that fan in like a month or so ago. There was nothing in the fan it's self so I took the motor apart, there were some leaf parts in there, cleaned those out but I might have bit off more then I could chew. I didn't have the right tools to put it back together, so it took my all of an hour to get it back together. It makes less noise but still makes some noise and doesn't sound like it's burning. After that I ate and headed to the bike shop, where I spent a good hour or so comparing the medium and large frame of the Giant Reign, it's going to be a tough choice. I'll have to weight the pros and cons. That evening we watched Takers. It was a pretty good movie but it wasn't quite as actioned packed as I would have liked.
Over all the weekend was good, not too much stress. I got in some good exercise, but now I'm back at work or training. Good luck to Ben, I hope he does well at the arrow head 135 (you can check his progress there). He should have started his race just a couple hours ago! Can't wait to hear/ read about his stories! Wish you all the best on this weeks journey and hope you had a great weekend!
Keep it real!

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