Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Oh how the title brings back fond memories, like my cube mate Tyler and I were saying how we longed for the good old days. I would have to say it was one of the best times of my life and would definitely do it again, if that were possible, but I am totally looking forward to new and exciting things! Who knows what the future has to hold?
Wednesday was a pretty good day over all, definitely needed to give the legs a day off. The hip feels better this morning, so that makes me feel that I am making progress in the right direction. The pain is there most days but now it acts and feels like a sore muscle pain, definitely not holding me back too much. I didn't work out yesterday as the evening was filled with eating at Champs and wishing Bob a happy birthday. Then some well deserved couch time with Kelly.
Man it is sure getting cold out these days. It sucks in the morning that's for sure, I know my old car doesn't like it very much but it should make for some damn good ice climbing for the weeks to come.
Tonight I will be going to the gym and giving my new work out another try. I hope the gym isn't too full. They always have these damn team training classes that get president, I'm guessing because they pay more or some crap like that. I get it but I just don't like how they can kick me off when I was on the machine first. After the work out I will go home and tidy up the house for the arrival of the parentals tomorrow!
Keep it real!

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