Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Week in the Books

Hey Hey Hey! Made it through another week in the mindless call center and even have something to look forward to in the weeks to come, so maybe things are looking up! The parents made it into town on Friday afternoon about 3:30pm, after what they said was a pretty white knuckle drive through the open flats of western MN. I guess it was windy causing some white out conditions. That evening we finally were able to do Christmas. I already knew part of what I was getting, my shoes and pedals. I also got some odds and ends and a sweet Marmot soft shell. The rents also hooked us up with a 154 piece tool kit. Now I can add  mechanic to my cycling hats or at least I have the tools to attempt it. After "Christmas" we went to Shamrock's for some delicious burgers. I had a nookie supreme, no idea how anyone could do the nookie challenge and eat two! Took my dad to REI, pretty sure he loves that store as much as I do, haha.
Saturday started off with my favorite breakfast, bacon and eggs! Alright I'll have to be honest with y'all. My caffeine free streak came to an end. My parents might be a slightly bad influence. There was definitely some coffee drank, even a Mt. Dew and definitely some dream pie and chocolate cake but you know what, fuck it! I enjoyed every damn second of it and I will get back on the horse on Monday and hit the gym to burn off those calories. The day was spent running around to stores that my parents aren't blessed with back home, like Gander Mountain, some Jesus store, Marshall's and I can't remember the others. We ate at Dino's which I think was a hit. I know that I enjoyed it. After all the running around I made a ham dinner, which was superb if I must say so myself. Spent a good portion of my evening watching a very intense football game saints vs. sea hawks, congrats sea hawks. Fuck the saints, I don't even really like football but they beat the Queens last year so there might be some hard feelings, haha. The other game wasn't as favorable of an out come, I don't really care for Rex Ryan and I love Payton Mannings Commercials. Now that he's done maybe he'll have some more time to make some more now. There was also a little board game action going on. Like it or Lump it, it was pretty funny playing with my parents. My dad was a little reluctant to play but I could tell he had a good time.
Sunday was pretty good. I made my favorite breakfast again and helped my parents load the truck and bid them eau du. When they left I went to Buck Hill and watched Kelly coach her DH team. It was pretty cool, some of those kids are real rippers! When I got too cold to stand there any more I went to Home Depot to get plastic to seal the windows. I hope it will help the basement stay warmer and stop the deck door from being so drafty! Feels warmer already, but it might be in my head. Spent the rest of the afternoon playing hockey with some little kids at the rink just down the road. It was a blast. There was this really little kid there named adam and he was adorable and really good! He'll be a ripper when he grows up for sure. Over all great weekend! Hope you all had a great weekend! Remember seize the day! and make every day memorable!
Keep it real!

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