Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Half way there

We have reach the half way point of the week, almost made it to the summit and it's about time for the decent to the weekend! Tuesday was pretty much uneventful. Atl hub was closed again so it was busy and the day went quick. After work Kelly and I went to her parents for dinner and then went with her mom, I guess for moral support, to pick up a truck they just bought for Kelly's brother Tommy. It was a nice 2000 Dodge Dakota, single cab 2 wheel drive. Pretty much lacking the two things I would be looking for in a truck, but it looks really clean. I also did one of 's 15min work outs, just so I could get a quick cardio in, best 15min work out ever, and if you have the time and energy to do it twice it is a great work out in general!
Looks like the east is getting that intense winter weather again. I'd say we're about do for another sweet storm, what do ya think? It definitely has been cold enough and I guess it's going to be colder next week. I'm hoping to get out and do some ice climbing this weekend, probably head north to Robinson quarry park at sandstone mn. Keep your head up we're almost there! Be positive!
Keep it real!

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