Wednesday, January 19, 2011

check check, check it out!

Alright I know that you guys probably get sick of me referring and praising, but seriously if you haven't already caught the bug like me and check this out daily. You really need to check out the last few blogs out for sure there are a couple work outs and a QA session from his Team Yeti 3 day mini camp. This is also an important blog that I think you should all read and it will benefit MTB Performance Wheel. I know these 6 things can help us all no mater which type of riding you do, xc, dh or trail, clips or flats! So don't be bias even if you don't believe everything he says about riding flats or xc basically being road riding on dirt and give it a look. He is spot on when it comes to health and nutrition and 99.9% of the people that comment on his site will back that.
As for my life. Tuesday was same old same old. Only 3 more days in my current position and then a few weeks of training and on to a new position. I hope the newness stays with the position for a few months. So work isn't so monotonous. After work I went to the gym ripped out a solid work out. After that ran some errands and watched NCIS, probably my favorite TV show.
Keep it real!

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