Thursday, January 13, 2011

The get to know me questions

Ok so it was a bit longer then I thought it would be but I still think you might find it inetesting.....
1. Top 3 Favorite outdoor activities
            - Biking, all types
            - ice climbing/ rock climbing
            - hiking/ backpacking
2. Top 3 favorite places visited
            - all of Colorado but to be specific crested butte
            - Kauai, Hawaii           
            - Amsterdam
3. Top 3 most desired places to visit
            - BC, canada
            - Glacier national park
            - New Zealand
4. Favorite team sport to watch
            - Hockey
5. Favorite sport to play
            - Team sport Hockey, individual bike racing
6. Favorite color
            - blue
7. Favorite shape
            - circle
8. Favorite animal
            - turtle
9. Number of siblings ___1___
            -Brothers___1__   - sisters ___0___
10. Place of Birth
            - Aberdeen SD
11. Favorite Possession
            - wow tough one, does Kelly count? Jk, probably my bike or climbing gear
12. Name of first significant (first name) other
            - Well if 6 grade counts it was Natalie but real girlfriend was Anna
13. What college did you attend?
            - Northern state in Aberdeen, then Uni at Luenenburg, Germany, then St Cloud State
14. First job
            - Subway
15. Favorite subject in school
            - History
16. Favorite sports team
            - Colorado Avalanche
17. Favorite food
            - Pizza
18. Nick name
            - Chancer, Glasford, Glasface
19. Dream vacation (brief synopsis)
            - I would love to take a couple week long trip to northwest US/Canada, I’d go to Banff, BC and the Vancouver Islands, mountain biking, hiking and climbing, see Seattle
20. Where do you see you’re self in 5 years?
            - I hope to be in Colorado, someplace, preferably on the west slop up in the mountains. Maybe a little ski town with a mountain view out my window, and either living on a little lake or close to one. I will be married to my girlfriend Kelly with at least 1 dog, with a job that involves being out doors or doing something with the outdoors. Riding my bike on some of the most epic trails in the US in the summer and skiing amazing powder in the winter, with climbing mixed in there through out the year!
21. Major and minor in college?
            - International business, emphasis in Econ, minor in German Language
22. What did you want to be when you were in college?
            - I wanted to work for a global company and travel all over the world for business
23. How many tats do you have?
            - 0
24. Your best traits? (list as many as you’d like)
            - fun, easy going, adventures, out going, open to new ideas
25. Your worst traits? (list as many as you’d like)         
            - can be quick to judge, short temper
26. What’s the first thing you remember you wanted to be when you were young?
            -stunt man
27. Highest wall you’ve climbed?
            - 80 foot walls at Taylor’s Falls- rock, 80-100 ft sandstone ice climbing
28. Biggest accomplishment in high school?
            - sd state champ for hockey JV
29. Instruments you can play?
            - guitar but not very well
30. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
            - make my hip not hurt all the time
31. Characteristics you don’t like?
             - one uppers, and brown nosers
32. Favorite smells:
            - mountain air, the smell right after it rains and pizza
33.Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
            - mt dew
34. Favorite alcoholic drink?
            - Beer, anything from the new Belgium brewing company, I love hoppy beer
35. Favorite holiday?
            - any one that I get off work
36. Favorite article of clothing?
            - jeans
37. Do you pray and if so, what do you pray for?
            - ya, sometimes, usually before dangerous things or trips and for safety and health
38. Favorite movie?
            - grandma’s boy
39. Surgeries?
            - tonsillectomy at 12, appendectomy at 15 and left shoulder reconstruction at 20
40. Favorite toy as a child?
            - probably my bike or sports equipment in generally, really young my tractors my g-ma gave me
41. What do you do to relax?
            - work out, ride my bike, I use to drink!
42. Ever loved someone so much you felt like you couldn’t live w/o them?
            - yes, still do
43. Who is your best friend in the whole world?
            - probably Kelly or Doug
44. If you could be anything at all, what would you be?
            - pro mtn biker
45. Dream house?
            - Log cabin in the mountains on a lake
46. Perfect breakfast?
            - Bacon and eggs, over easy, wheat toast, hash browns and oj
47. If you had a day to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?
            - Ride an epic mtn bike trail out west someplace, or go on an adventure with Kelly
48. First thing you notice about people?
            - eyes and smile, and curves on women
49. Ever wonder???
            - what I would do if I one the lottery
50. Favorite season and why?
            - late spring early fall, the temperature is perfect for everything

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