Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to the Grind

Hello everyone, the weekend has come and gone. I hope that you all had a great weekend. I will apologize ahead of time as this might turn out to be a novel since I haven't wrote since last week. So I will try to recap.
Where did I leave off? Oh yes Friday. Friday went well at work, mostly paper work again, I really could get use to this! After work was another quick work out, the row machine, light lift and then to the hot tub. It was snowing after work which kind of sucked. I grabbed Panchero's for dinner. I know not really the best thing to be eating and to be perfectly honest I haven't been doing that well with the strict eating habits of the past couple months. I definitely have to get back with the program. With snow it took me a little long to get home so we didn't make it to the Green Hornet, instead we went to the Dilemma with Kevin James and Vince Vaughn, definitely funny and worth seeing.
Saturday was a good day. I met up with my buddy Stu to do a little ice climbing. We went to Homers Odyssey but the ice looked pretty sketchy so we headed over to the Franklin Bridge. We were the only people there the whole time. It was bomb! We set up two ropes on the two best pillars and went to town! We climbed from 10 till about 2 or so. It was a beautiful day out, sun shining and about 20 degrees. It is really nice having places to climb that close to home. After climbing I was pretty wiped out but mustered up enough energy to go to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with Kelly's parents, again not the best food, but what can you do.
Sunday, Kelly is busy all day doing her ski coaching so I went ice climbing again with Stu and one of Stu's friends Mitch. We went up to Sandstone, the ice was looking amazing! They had been farming and unfortunately they were still farming so the ice was pretty wet for the most part but we set up a couple ropes on the areas that weren't being farmed at that time. The climbing was great, the weather was pretty good but a little cold. I had a couple great climbs, but it's always a learning experience watching Stu climb. He is very talented and skilled at ice climbing. I have to make up for my lack of skill with physical ability to try and hang with him.  Thanks to Mitch not wanting to climb we had a permanent belayer. Thanks Mitch!
I had never met Mitch before Sunday but man he was pretty damn interesting. He's middle aged but you couldn't tell it by his physic and resume of adventures. He is currently training to compete in the Arrow head 135 on foot! It will be his 4th attempt to complete the event. He is an ultra marathon runner and cyclist. He has climbed multiple mountains and completed a multitude of other adventures. I had a great time simply listing to his stories and getting the chance to discuss his views on competing in these types of event and his training methods and nutrition habits. He seemed a little old school but it's definitely working for him! He said put the miles on and eat lots of carbs to fuel the body. I can't wait for the chance to have more adventures with Mitch and to hear some more of his stories and absorb some more of his knowledge.
Sunday night Kelly and I just hung out and watched the A-Team, for sure a bad ass movie. I loved it and it was actually really funny too. I highly recommend going to red box and spending the dollar to rent it.
Monday was a holiday, Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day! He was a great man and to celebrate his life, I went skiing. I had a blast, it was the first time on the skis for the season. I only crashed a couple times. One I was a little scared but came out unscathed, you know that feeling when you're riding a wheelie and you went past the point of no return. Yeah I had that feeling and I've never had that feeling on skis before. I guess that goes to show the it pays to be in good shape! The funniest crash was when I tried to go over some of the stuff the snowboarders built and didn't see one of the jumps and went flying and landed on the tips of my skis and got a face full of snow! haha. I rolled up on Kelly and her dad and they were like what the heck happened to you! oh I crashed, haha just covered in snow form head to toe! I did get a little frustrated with the large crowds of people that really didn't know what they were doing or look were they were going but I didn't run into any of them and none of them hit me so I'll chalk it up as a successful trip!
That evening we watched Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio, wow one of the best movies I've seen in a long time! Totally worth the hype. I was a little lost at the beginning but it had me hooked the whole time not knowing what was going to come next. Definitely recommend you all check it out.
On the biking front. I just picked up the MTB DB combos work and it looks sweet. I am still trying to digest it all. You definitely get a lot of information for $27. You get a 12 week work out plan and multiple nutritional guide to help you reach your goals. On top of that you have video demos to show you how to use the program and you can contact James directly and he is pretty quick to respond. Definitely excited to give this a go and I'll let you know how it goes. I will most likely start this work out the beginning of February as I have a work out that I need to finish up right now and starting then will let me end right at the beginning of the MTB season.
Keep it real!

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