Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome to Winter Deep South

I'm sure many of you have heard about the winter storm in the south shutting down a good portion of the south and most notably Atlanta and the amazingly large ATL airport. Most of you don't really care and probably feel like I do, "welcome to winter, suck it up and get over yourself!" Well most notably this is the second "pretty good" storm, basically about 2-7 inches with some freezing sleet causing their roads to be shit and now they have declared a state of emergency and a no travel advisory! haha, wow and the news stated they only have 9, count um 9 plow trucks for the entire greater Atlanta metro area! wow, no comment. Normally I wouldn't care but our main hub is in Atl and has the most employees that work in my department, the call center! and they are closed due to the weather! Yeah that's right they get paid to sit at home right now, free day off, 2 free days off. We never get day's off and I feel like we should get some type of compensation, either added PTO hours or a small bonus, something for having to pick up the slack! It has been non stop phone calls and a lot of angry people to deal with! Not a good situation oh well what can you do. Only 8 more days in the call center and then on to bigger and better things! I'm sure no job is perfect but it can't get much more monotonous then this job!
Well Monday, besides being hella busy, went well. The good thing about being busy is it goes super fast! After work, as promised, I got my ass into the gym and worked out. It was a great work out. I was feeling pretty strong and the gym wasn't too busy, but for some reason the parking lot was really full. Which isn't a big deal to walk since you're already going to the gym to work out so what's a little more exercise. I do love to laugh at the people that will circle the 20 close spots for like 10mins till they can park. They just wasted 10mins of work out, I guess time doesn't matter to them and they're lazy.
For dinner we had spaghetti with Alfredo and bread sticks! yum! The evening was spent watching pawn stars and American pickers, two of our favorite shows.
I have decided to start sleeping in compression short to try to help my legs recover faster, and last night I even used muscle rub and wrapped my right quad and hip after I went to town on it with the foam roller last night. I woke up this morning feeling great so I will continue that treatment through the week!
Remember, with the winter weather allow more time and drive safe!
Keep it real!

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