Friday, January 7, 2011


It is Friday, congratulation to all of you fellow 9-5ers, you have done it, only a few more hours then you have 2 days two yourself. Not to rub it in but I only have 6hrs of work today! woo whoo!
Yesterday was pretty good, got good news. I excepted a new position, day went pretty quickly and no real complaints. After work, went right to the gym. Had a pretty solid work out. It took a little longer then normal but I think I've figured out my plan of attack so that I don't have to move around as often and that should speed things up. This work out seems to be a lot more well rounded compared to my last couple that seem to be more focused on the lower body and core. Not as much direct core or legs. More integrated total body and upper body activities. Can't wait to get on a bike and see if and how this will impact my riding!! Only a couple more months. The plan is to get my tax return back and begin the serious bike shopping.
I wouldn't call this next section a rant but more of a suggestion. I know there are a lot of people out there that go to the gym completely "blind." By that I mean with out any direction. You know who you are and you can easily spot those people at the gym. They just wander around. Basically my rule of thumb is if you are not a physical trainer or have gone to school to be one, use one! They are your best resource to the best work out for you and your goals and they can help you save time by putting together lifts and activities that work best together and progress off each lift. If you don't believe me try it. Next best thing is to have a trainer, either in person or an online coach, make you a plan to follow so you have guidance. I recommend but there are others out there. Finally if don't have or want to spend a little extra change, and I understand, at least grab a fitness mag. They have tons of work outs that you can give a try or at the very minimum write down your work out plan. It will help you stay on task and get more accomplished in less time! Good luck with your off season training, keep you eye on the prize. Riding season draws closer everyday!
Keep it real!

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