Friday, January 14, 2011

Well we are approaching the weekend!

First off, Thank you dear 8lbs 9 oz baby Jesus in your golden swaddling diapers for allowing us to make it through another week and bring us to the holy land we call the weekend! and this weekend is extra special, it's a three day weekend as we celebrate the life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr! He was a great man with a great vision, God Bless!
Well this weekend should be a great weekend, ice climbing at Homers Odyssey in Lilydale Park on Saturday, up to Sandstone to climb on Sunday, and on Dr King's day we will be skiing at Afton Alps! Pretty much the ultimate Minnesota winter weekend! Plus I'll try to squeeze in a little of the state sport, hockey, sometime in there.
Thursday was a pretty sweet day at work, I got off the phones for most of the day processing paper work. Which I know to most of you sounds super boring but I enjoy it and I get to jam out to my iPod. So work went quickly and after work my back was pretty sore so I cut the work out short. Only 15 mins on the row machine and then hit up the hot tub to loosen, I think it really worked. My back feels pretty good, I might do another quick work out and hot tub session tonight. I think Kelly and I will hit up a movie tonight, maybe the Green Hornet, that looks bad ass!
I am excited about us getting a puppy the end of March or beginning of April and I will hopefully have my new bike in the next month or so!
Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy, be safe and remember if you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space!
Keep it real!

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