Tuesday, January 25, 2011

day 2

Alright, I have survived day two. It has been a long and treacherous day today, haha jk. Today was pretty boring to say the least. We were learning the system the I currently worked in so as to allow the newbies to get some information that maybe left off the forms and so forth for the department I'm now assigned to. I didn't do a whole lot, looked at bikes on line, checked out different stem and handle bar options. I think I'm going to go with the Large frame with a 40-50mm stem and 725-750mm handle bars. Seems like a good combination for all around riding. I also cut out a lot of flash cards for information that I mostly know already, so hopefully the medical terminology quizzes will be a breeze.
As I get to know the people in the class it is apparent the certain people click better then others even in this small group but not saying that I don't enjoy all their company. They all have their quarks as do I. The other guy in the class is all about bacon, I mean who can blame him I love bacon too, but he is taking it a bit far I think. He has bacon salt and he likes chocolate covered bacon, can't really knock it till you try it but doesn't sound appetizing and he is going tonight to pick up a bottle of Bakon Vodka. That's right bacon flavored vodka, not so sure about that. I noticed that the butch had on some sweet wingtip shoes on with her guy clothing and the trainer has hairy legs, I mean I knew she was kind of a hippie. All in to her blue grass and other festivals but I didn't know she took it to that extent. Who knows, it might be a winter thing but her kid is a boy and he has long hair as well....?.... This training session is a lot more dry than my last training class. I guess I miss the good old days. Most of those people have moved on to bigger and better things or have transferred departments like myself.
Hips still a little sore, but not as bad as yesterday afternoon. It seems like the clutch is getting worse, don't know how much longer can milk that, where the F is my W2! So many interesting things to look forward to! Springs coming, tax return= new bike, new clutch, bonus is coming= fix my hip,annual raise in April, start my new position, get a puppy, mountain biking, cycling, I did just sent in my post card for the Almonzo, I might have sent two. I couldn't remember if I mailed the one I took to work to drop off and I couldn't find it so I sent another one tonight, oh well I guess if I did I'll be registered twice. We are also going to TN for vacation this year as far as I understand. Don't know all the details with that yet, but I looks sweet. So all in all things look to be lookin' up and hell the days are slowly getting longer!
Keep it real!

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